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Allianz Bank Malaysia has upgraded project management with the help of PM, promoting precise and transparent integrated project management, and improving management efficiency.
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Allianz Bank Malaysia is a dynamic comprehensive banking group that mainly provides end-to-end financing solutions, unit trust funds, asset management and other financial services to individuals and businesses. After more than 50 years of development, Allianz Bank has successfully established multiple branches such as Consumer Bank, Small and Medium Enterprise Bank, Wholesale Business Bank, Islamic Bank, Investment Bank, and Securities Company, and has established multiple service centers throughout the country, committed to providing high-quality localized financial services to the Malaysian people. Allianz Bank Malaysia collaborates with the PM project management system to achieve integrated management of enterprise projects.

Project management encounters challenges

With the rapid development of the financial industry, in order to improve competitiveness, major banks have increased their efforts in business innovation. The new business has higher requirements for quality control, which has driven the rapid development of bank IT projects. Before introducing an information management system, Allianz Bank managed and reported on work progress through document format. The form of document management is not conducive to the refined management of projects, as the information in document management is scattered and not centralized, and the difficulty of summarizing and managing is high and not timely. It is also difficult for management to understand the real-time progress of the project or effectively control the project cycle through documents. Therefore, Allianz Bank hopes to find an advanced system to achieve centralized control in various aspects, from "project initiation application" to "project approval", "project lifecycle management", and "project group management". In addition, the system must also have high security and stability.

PM creates all-round solutions

In order to quickly solve the current problem, Allianz Bank has carefully considered and decided to launch project management software. After extensive product analysis and comparison, Allianz Bank chose PM project management software, and with the strong assistance of the consulting team, the system was successfully launched.

After a period of successful implementation and operation of the system, PM received full recognition from Allianz Bank, and its COO Raymond Leung gave high praise:

1. Easy to operate, Allianz Banks project managers can proficiently operate and use it after only one training course;

2. It is a fully functional online project management system that can provide all key project management functions to meet our needs;

3. Having multiple other functions that Allianz Bank is interested in and preparing to use, such as order processing, accounts receivable and payable, human resource allocation and tracking, etc;

4. The implementation and technical support of the system are extremely convenient;

5. The consulting team and customer service support can respond quickly and effectively to our problems.

Nowadays, Allianz Banks IT project management has entered a new state, and PM has truly helped Allianz Bank improve the efficiency and ability of project management:

1、 Real time management of the entire project lifecycle

After the launch of PM, on the one hand, the IT projects of Allianz Bank were unified and managed on the same platform throughout the entire lifecycle from project application, project approval, project initiation, project planning, project execution, project supervision, project closure, and summary. This achieved real-time summary of project information and seamless flow of information, changed the previous situation of information dispersion and departmental information isolation, and solidified the project management process, Improved work efficiency and summary ability.

On the other hand, the intelligent warning function provided by the system highlights potential risks or problems throughout the entire project process, such as changes in requirements, work delays, resource shortages, etc., and automatically identifies the priority level and impact level of problems or risks. It can even send reminder emails or text messages to relevant responsible persons, helping Allianz Bank achieve effective project risk management. The overall quality of the project has been significantly improved.

2、 The progress of the project team is visible

Through the systems project office, Allianz Bank has achieved simultaneous management of multiple projects. The project office gathers information on all research and development projects. As long as the business map of the project office is used, Allianzs project management team can view the real-time status of multiple projects and track project details one by one, making reasonable evaluations and instructions. The project office has increased transparency in IT project management, providing real-time data support for Allianz Banks project decisions, and improving decision accuracy.
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