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  • Maslong

    Industry: Computer Products & Services           Product: FAS

    “With the rapid increase in our business volume and employee size, our old management systems based on Excel and simple office automation were no longer adequate. We were urgently looking for a comprehensive enterprise management system product that had good cross module data linkage and could aid integrated management. We finally found and implemented 8Manage FAS that covered opportunity, tender, contract, project, invoicing, payment and performance management as well as managerial and financial accounting. The result system provides us the end-to-end integrated management capability with clear visibility into our material change cost impact throughout. This has allowed us to tremendously reduce our project costs, inter-departmental communication issues and unnecessary wastages and at the same time helped us improve our management quality so that we can provide our clients with managed, traceable and repeatable service experience and results which in turn have tremendously increased our client satisfaction. Our successful implementation of our new enterprise management system based on 8Manage FAS has established a solid foundation for Maslong’s future growth.”
    Liu Shu Ping, Vice President
  • Vanda Group

    Industry: Computer Products & Services            Product: FAS

    “We wanted a solution that we can use to manage our project and service based business. We evaluated several matured products in the global market but settled for the overall best with strong local talented product team. 8Manage handles both business management and project management well.”
    Andrew So, CEO
  • Fujitsu HK

    Industry: Computer Products & Services            Product: PM , Timesheet

    “We replaced our old CRM and Service Management software with the corresponding modules of the integration platform -- 8Manage, we aim to realize real-time data sharing across our existing systems. 8Manage provides great support to our mobile working, our people can easily fill in their timesheets with mobile phone whether they are at home, on the train or in a business trip, it’s easy-to-use and greatly improves our working efficiency. In terms of ROI, we think 8Manage is well worth it.”
    Charles Pow _ CFO

    Industry: Financial Services          Product: CRM

    “Now all the customer data from different business systems can be updated into 8Manage CRM in real-time, furthermore the whole system interface is best tailor to Wing Hang Bank’s usage preference and internal needs, it’s very friendly easy-to-use and convenient. 8Manage helps to increase our working efficiency greatly.”
    Dicky Cheng _ G4S Executive Director
  • Beijing Consen

    Industry: Computer Products & Services          Product: FAS

    “Beijing Consen Automation Control Co., Ltd. have successfully implemented and are using 8Manage solution today. Prior to choosing 8Manage, we have looked at many competitive ERP software and we concluded that they could not meet our requirements. After diligent evaluation, we finally decided to choose 8thManage. Product functionalities are excellent and technical services are well provided. Through the 8Manage system, the business information amongst the departments flows freely and feedbacks are communicated promptly; this tremendously strengthens the cooperation of the departments and promotes the speedy development of work. All in all, we are very satisfied with our choice.”
    Tao Liu, Vice President
  • BeiJing ZhongLian Light Technology Co., Ltd.

    Industry: Computer Products & Services          Product: FAS

    “We will continue cooperate with WisageTech in the future, we plan to strengthen the functionalities of cpcbuy.com according to the new demand of petrochemical industry, such as mobile working and approval, online payment, smart electronic contract, etc., we believe that WisageTech will be the powerful supporter to help us to realize this target.”
    Xingming Ma_ Vice President
  • Bank of Montreal

    Industry: Financial Services          Product: PMO

    “8Manage goes far beyond generic project management tools to address the process-related problems commonly faced by development teams. 8Manage helps managers enforce best practices in software development to support CMMI certification and drive continuous process improvement.”
    Ki Leung, Senior VP Technology Development Investment Banking Group and Risk Management
  • Processis

    Industry: Computer Products & Services          Product: PMO, PM

    “Many find it difficult to get the appropriate measurement data in implementing their CMMI process improvement. They also worry this kind of automation tool is complicated, difficult to use, and hence will get rejected by the practitioners. The PM / PMO of 8Manage is very easy to learn and use. 8Manage also supports both English and Chinese user interfaces very well. I recommend these people to look at 8Manage and try. ”

    Edmond Sung, CMMI High Maturity Lead Appraiser
  • iSprint Innovations

    Industry: Computer Products & Services          Product: FAS

    “Before 8Manage, our sales people spent a lot of time searching for information. Now they spent more time talking with and visiting customers. There is renewed confidence and vigor. 8Manage is a popular new tool, for the sales staff and throughout our organization.”
    Albert Ching, CEO
  • Science and Technology Center of Xinjiang RCC

    Industry: Service Industries          Product: CRM + SRM + PMO

    “We always expect of a system that it can manage our work, track how it developing, how it progressing, how much the workload costs, and what our employees are doing. 8thManage helps us fulfill all these management requirements. With 8thManage, Xinjiang RCC has achieved project management modernization and electronization. Moreover, 8thManage has helped us develop the good habit of frequently doing planning and summarizing.”
  • Jumbo City

    Industry: Manufacturing          Product: FAS

    “8Manage is an enterprise class business solution that pays for itself after 6 months. It is even more affordable considering so much comes as standard features.”
    Albert Shiu _ CEO
  • Forida

    Industry: Computer Products & Services          Product: FAS

    “With 8Manage, I can find instantly information of any customer, their transaction history and sales interaction status all within few clicks from my personalized Executive Dashboard.”
    Kenneth Lau, CEO
  • Netstock International

    Industry: Financial Services          Product: PMO

    “Before, we documented our process standard on paper. However, the interpretation of the standard varied and there was actually no standard in real-life execution. Since we adopted 8Manage as our common work platform, it is now our standard.”
    Mr. Lin, General Manager
  • Vanda Group
    “8Manage is a great collaborative tool. It fosters collaboration among team members, leading to increased business success, and simultaneously allows management to unobtrusively and completely track business progress.”
    Stephen Tam, COO
  • PSIG
    “As a project manager, trainer and professional consultant with more than 30 years of experience, I am very pleased to finally find 8Manage, a powerful project management information system. It meets or exceeds my clients’ and my company’s needs, both on a day-to-day basis as well for end-to-end operations. The integrated portfolio/program/project management components are of true value in the real world.”
    Dr. Barry Hsiung, PMP, CEO
  • Dailywin

    Industry: Manufacturing          Product: FAS

    “In the past, you had to buy a project management application for projects and a CRM application for business management and then pay to integrate the two different systems and hope for the best. With 8Manage, you get both applications, designed and built to work together seamlessly, as well as web computing and dashboard KPIs.”

    Matthew She, Factory General Manager
  • Knowledge Century

    Industry: Service Industries          Product: PMO

    “There are several features that make 8Manage stand out from other PM software. The central data repository concept allows a manager to control and direct a project throughout its entire life cycle, with information continuity from planning to execution. The job of a resource manager is greatly simplified by its resource request and approval feature which replaces the clumsy manual procedures and paper chase which still surprisingly exist in many organizations today. I particularly like the PMO module which caters to the needs of the project sponsor and senior management by providing a high-level consolidated view of multiple projects, greatly enhancing their ability to monitor program status and potential risks.”
    Kevin Chiu, PMP, Principal Consultant
  • iSprint
    “With the online dashboard, I can see the company sales performance in real-time, any time, just like my favorite stocks. The difference is that I have more links to access more information-any information that I want. I think this is a marvelous tool.”
    Dutch Ng, COO
  • PSIG
    “In my 30 years project management career, I tried numerous project management platforms and hoped to find one that could help me perform project management well, but there was no satisfactory resolution until I found 8thManage. 8Manage has served me well due to one major technical factor and one major human factor. From the technical standpoint, most of other project management platforms are adept in project planning, but inept in project executing because of the lack of linkage between the planned project activities and their actual execution. From human factor standpoint, most project management platforms lack the commitment management support and provide no support to deal with the over promise and under deliver issue. 8Manage provides the best integration between project plan and its execution. It also provides a commitment model to encourage better understanding and clear agreement before a commitment is made and traceability after a commitment is made. It is really my dream project management platform.”
    Dr. H.T. Chou, PMP, Chief Consultant
  • L & A Design Group

    Industry: Service Industries          Product: FAS

    “After deeper understanding, we found that 8Manage can process operations according to roles, resources or other forms, and 8Manage can meet our needs perfectly. Besides project management, 8Manage also cover CRM, supplier and procurement management, HCM, finance management etc., so that we can achieve fully integration management with a platform.”
    Xingming Ma_ Vice President
  • HangZhou JiangHe Hydro-Electric Science & Technology Co., Ltd

    Industry: Energy          Product: FAS

    “8Manage PM is easy-to-use, the functionalities are standardize logically and personalized tailor to our business needs, it can help us monitor the production process and allocate resources effectively. We have significantly improve the efficiency of project management after using 8Manage for half a year.”
    Sheng Zheng_ Director of PM Department