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Fujitsu HK
Charles Pow , CFO
Bridging the Digital Barrier for Enterprises

We replaced our old CRM and Service Management software with the corresponding modules of the integrated platform - , enabling real-time data sharing between existing systems. In terms of ROI, we think is well worth it.

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iSprint Innovations
Albert Ching, CEO
Sales Cycle Shortened by 1-2 weeks on Average

After the management platform was introduced, our sales staff have more time to visit and communicate with customers. is now available to all our employees, bringing innovation and dynamism to the entire company.

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OCBC Wing Hang Bank
Dicky Cheng,G4S Executive Director
Average Daily Workload Saving of 1 hour

Now all the customer data from different business systems can be updated into CRM in real-time, furthermore the whole system interface is best tailor to OCBC Wing Hang Bank’s usage preference and internal needs.

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Liu Shu Ping, Vice President
One System to Control All the Work of the Enterprise

All-in-one has a good cross-module data link, which can help us carry out end-to-end comprehensive management, so that we have a clear understanding of the cost impact of material changes throughout the process, and better follow up on costs and expenses.

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Beijing Consen
Liu Tao, Vice President
Enhanced Interdepartmental Collaboration

Through the system, business information is unimpeded between departments, and feedback is communicated in a timely manner; this greatly strengthens the cooperation between departments and promotes the rapid development of work.

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Global Infotech
Pan Yan ,Project Director
Solve the Project Payback Problems

For the problem of difficult project payback, especially in the project finance function, integrated management system can effectively reflect the specific flow of expenses. Our management is very receptive to the system.

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Xinjiang Rural Credit Union
Science and Technology Center
Promoting transparent project management

We always expect of a system that it can manage our work, track how it developing, how it progressing, how much the workload costs, and what our employees are doing. All of these management requirements can help us achieve.

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Jumbo City
Albert Shiu,CEO
50% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

is an advanced and complete enterprise solution. Shortly after implementation, we found it worth the money. With it, we can effectively manage customer information, and have improved information sharing, and customer satisfaction.

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Kenneth Lau, CEO
Track All Customers and Work in Real Time

helps us realize the transition from a decentralized system to an integrated system. With just a few clicks, I can view customer information, transaction history and interactions in one screen on my personal dashboard page.

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Netstock Systems Inc.
Lin, General Manager
Establish Standardized Project Mgmt Criteria

Our company previously formulated a set of policies and processes, but everyone interpreted them differently with no operating standards. Now, we can establish standardized criteria with PMO, thus improving the project success rate.

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Matthew She, Factory General Manager
Connect Client Mgmt and Project Mgmt

In the past, we needed to purchase different systems to manage different businesses, but now we can conduct project management and customer relationship management on the same platform, which saves us a lot of time and money.

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L & A Design
Zhang Xuan ,IT Director
40% Increase in Overall Business Efficiency

can meet our needs perfectly.Besides project management, also cover CRM, supplier and procurement management, HCM, finance management etc., so that we can achieve fully integration management with a platform.

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Tianyu Precision Machinery
Information department
Breaking through Bottlenecks at All Stages

Since using PM, a dynamic work, communication and delivery platform, our control over project progress and quality has been greatly improved,and the bottlenecks in the project can be found in time.This is helpful for successful project delivery.

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Chen Canhua ,Vice President
Achieve Unprecedented Levels of Productivity

While traditional management methods can hardly take on the large amount of project information and complex dynamic execution, the PM project management platform perfectly fulfills our management requirements.

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JiangHe Hydro-Electric
Zheng Sheng,Director of PM Department
Project Process Visualization and Transparency

helps us in the monitoring of the production process, the allocation of resources, and the identification of risks. Our company has used the system for half a year and our project management efficiency has greatly improved. 

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Bank of Montreal
Ki Leung, Senior VP
Building a high performance development team
goes far beyond generic project management tools to address the process-related problems commonly faced by development teams. It goes a long way in supporting CMMI certification and driving continuous process improvement.
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