To kick-start the benefits of comprehensive intelligent project management for the enterprise, FujiFilm Business Innovation Corp. has signed up with WisageTech Inc to create an intelligent and efficient project management platform to enhance its management effectiveness through the PM project management system.
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FujiFilm Group is a global Fortune 500 company. Recently, in order to launch comprehensive intelligent project management benefits for the company, we signed a contract with WisageTech Inc to create an intelligent and efficient project management platform for the enterprise through the PM project management system, and improve its management efficiency.

FujiFilm Group is the worlds largest manufacturer of digital and information technology products, and one of the Fortune 500 companies. It was a global multinational enterprise established in 1962 by a joint venture between Fuji Film Co., Ltd. of Japan and Xerox Corporation of the United States. (Fuji Film Co., Ltd. from Japan and Xerox from the United States are both Fortune 500 companies)

FujiFilm Business Innovation (China) Corp. was established on January 3, 1995. It is a wholly-owned holding company of Fuji Film in China with a registered capital of 39 million US dollars. As of now, it has more than 2000 employees, 28 branches, 1 training center, and 1 software development center. Considering the long-term development goals, the enterprise has reached a cooperative relationship with WisageTech after multiple considerations. With the help of WisageTechs PM project management system, the enterprise will achieve project information management and improve the success rate of project implementation,.

To help customers compete in both existing and future markets, FujiFilm must continuously develop and research multiple technical expertise in a constantly changing digital and networked knowledge-based world. Moreover, FujiFilm has hundreds of third-party cooperation agreements involving multiple specific product lines, technologies, and distribution channels, and some agreements have exceeded the scope of individual projects, including extensive intellectual property exchange, collaborative development, and sales. The original project management plan can no longer meet the current development status of the enterprise. Seeking new breakthroughs in project management is an important channel for FujiFilms future development.

Therefore, FujiFilm needs an advanced and powerful solution to help improve the efficiency of enterprise project management work. After being exposed to , they felt that the developers of the project management system had a full and profound understanding of the blind spots in the management of intellectual workers. Moreover, the functional modules included in the project management system had clear management plans for the scope, process, and achievements related to intelligence. Moreover, the system supported later maintenance and secondary development, ensuring that the system would be used in the future, Secondary development and upgrade of the system.

The PM project management system uses the WBS architecture to drive global control of project planning and execution, and uses advanced theories of "dynamic management and real-time sharing" to effectively track project progress, costs, resources, performance, risks, etc. It solves the problem of project failure caused by information lag in project management and improves the ability of enterprise project control. At the same time, the systems document management and multi-dimensional reports can help enterprises settle disputes and support enterprise decision-making, making it a good helper for project executors and project managers. The PM project management system can achieve functions such as project scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, communication management, resource management, problem and risk management, procurement management, requirements and project iteration management, method and template management, commitment management, execution management, current situation investigation, and overall management. Enterprises can use it according to their needs.
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