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Q: What is the biggest feature of 8Manage PPM?

A: 8Manage PPM in project mgt. is equivalent to an automated teller machine (ATM) in savings and checking accounts mgt. . If the project team of 5, 50 or over 100 people doesn’t have an ATM equivalent system to manage their project, they can only fill in the e-Forms to record the time and cost they took away from the project and the results that they put back. But using human inputted e-Forms to document transactions is a very passive control model which can easily result in “garbage-in, garbage-out”. Human inputted e-Form is far too unreliable and slow to be able to preserve the data integrity of the banking system when the family of 2, 3 or 4 people withdrawing money from different locations in real-time. Human inputted e-Form is also far from sufficient to preserve the data integrity of the project mgt. system when 5, 50 or over 100 project team members are continuously consuming resources and costs in the project.

Q: Why are most of the PPM tools on the market based on the human inputted e-Form design?

A: ATM is an online transaction processing (OLTP) system, and the OLTP technology is far more difficult than the e-Form. In addition, project mgt. is far more complicated than the savings and checking accounts mgt. Implementing project mgt. practices and workflow based on OLTP technology have high barriers to entry.

Q:What are the commonest reasons why people are changing from other project mgt. tools to 8Manage PPM?

A: The commonest reason is that the tools they used are inadequate for project progress management (see The Myth of 90% Complete).

The second commonest reason is that the tools they used either inadequately support or have no support for resource and cost mgt. since resource mgt. is a common weak spot of the project mgt. tools on the market.

The third commonest reason is that the tools they used can’t support business or client delivery projects.