Change Request

8Manage PPM provides the change request workflow for the request of a bug-fix or an alteration to the product or system that your project team is working on.

A change request often arises when the client wants an addition or alteration to the agreed-upon deliverables for a project. Such a change may involve an additional feature or customization or an extension of service, among other things. A change request can also originate internally. An internal change request can involve a wide variety of actions including patching and software and hardware upgrades.

8Manage PPM ensures that all details of a change request are sufficiently explicated and that all parties are in agreement as to what is expected. Explicit and detailed information makes it easier to identify risks when a change request must be submitted.

Once a change request has been made, 8Manage PPM provides the multi-party workflows to communicate, control and make sure that the request is satisfied efficiently.

8Manage PPM also supports the workaround workflow in case an interim workaround is needed until the permanent fix is ready.

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