Issue & Risk Management

Issue Management

Issues – also known as problems, gaps, inconsistencies, or conflicts – need to be recorded when they happen. PPM allows you to log issues under the context of each activity. Project team members can view the list of issues associated with only one activity, only one project or multiple projects within a PMO. PPM also provides issue resolution tools for you to assign people to investigate and resolve issues. This makes sure that issues are indeed raised, and then investigated and resolved quickly and effectively.

Since an issue can be a non-issue (e.g., misunderstanding), a non-system problem that requires some action (s) to resolve, a system problem that requires a change request to start the change management process or a risk that requires logging in the risk registry and taking actions to avoid, transfer, mitigate or accept it, PPM allows you to link your issue to assignment-and-actions, change-requests and risk-registry so that the traceability is well maintained.

PPM also provides you with automated alert and escalation mechanisms so that issues wouldn’t fall through the cracks.

Without a thoughtful process, you risk ignoring issues, or not taking them seriously enough – until it's too late to deal with them successfully.

Risk Management

PPM provides the real-time risk detection dashboard to help you think about what can trigger the following common types of impact that can affect your project health:

  • Cost: The risk of events that impact the budget, especially those that cause the project to be completed over budget. Errors in cost estimation commonly generate risk in addition to external factors.
  • Schedule: The risk of unplanned scheduling conflicts, such as events that cause the project to be delayed. Scope creep is a common reason for scheduling issues and project delays.
  • Performance: The risk of events that cause the project to produce results that are inconsistent with the project specifications.

In addition, PPM provides you with the issue log, bug list and change request log so that you can detect any suspicious pattern.

After you identify a risk, PPM offers you the risk registry and allows you to take actions to avoid, transfer, mitigate or accept the risk.

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