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System Architecture

8Manage is 100% written in Java/J2EE and 100% mobile app and browser-based. Most private cloud enterprises run 8Manage as 3 to 4-tier systems, 8Manage can be scaled up to run as N-tier systems such as the diagram shown below or scaled down to run on a single laptop .

The 8Manage server clustering design supports both real-time load-balancing and hot failover and has been tested to support up to 200,000 concurrent users on a private cloud installation. 8Manage also supports SAN storage and BI/report server, backup facility and disaster recovery setup.

Technical Standards

Unlike some enterprise systems that are written in multiple languages (e.g., ABAP/3, PL/SQL, RPG, Dexterity, MorphX, VB, C/C++) using different underlying technologies and run-time models, 8Manage is completely written in Java/J2EE and can be run on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows or Linux OS or VM. 8manage supports Tomcat, JBOSS and WebLogic application servers and Oracle and SQL Server DBMS.

For interfacing with external systems, 8Manage supports the SOAP protocol and the Web Service interfaces. For legacy systems that don’t support Web Service, 8Manage can interface with them via RFC, RPC, Java RMI or file I/O.

8Manage technical standard is a reflection of 8Manage engineering team leaders’ experience and leadership to minimize the accidental complexity of the system level layer and maximize productivity in for the application layer.

Private Cloud Single-talent Architecture

The following single-tenant architecture can be deployed with different configurations for different private cloud clients of different sizes.


For 10,000 named users

 For 100,000 named users

For 500,000 named users


Web Server x 1 (3,000 RPS)

Web Server x 1 (3,000 RPS))

Web Server x 4 (20,000 RPS)

  App Server x 2 (4,000 QPS) App Server x 2 (10,000 QPS) App Server x 6 (30,000 QPS)

San Storage (2TB)

San Storage (5TB) San Storage (10TB)

Public Cloud Multi-talent Architecture

We have deployed the following multi-tenant architecture for our public cloud clients. We put about 800 clients or 20,000 named users per cluster with the following configurations:

  • Web Server x 3 (9,000 RPS)
  • Web Server x 3 (9,000 RPS)
  • DB Server x 3 (6,000 QPS)
  • DB Server x 3 (6,000 QPS)

Market Place System Architecture

The following market place architecture can be deployed with different configurations for different market places of different sizes.


For 100,000 8Manage Instances and 1,000,000 product

For 1,000,000 8Manage Instances and 10,000,000 product

  BST Server x 3 (15,000 RPS) BST Server x 20 (100,000 RPS)
  Search Engine x 6 (5,000 SPS) Search Engine x 50 (50,000 SPS)
  DB Server x 3 (14,000 QPS) DB Server x 10 (120,000 QPS)
  Storage Server x 4 (4TB) Storage Server x 20 (20TB)

Real-time Information Synchronization

The market place system will performance real-time synchronization such as below in order to keep the global and local market place data in sync.