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  • How to protect your business during and after the coronavirus outbreak
    8Manage Full Automation allows the SMB to move all its business and operations on cloud rather quickly. And it's the most economical way to protect your business during the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Huge gain with e-Procurement that supports adequate strategies
    8Manage e-Procurement system is a project based SaaS. It supports many strategies to cover different procurement needs, allows end-to-end supplier-management and procure-to-pay to be automated.
  • 8Manage: Why SMB should use SaaS Tools?
    8Manage SaaS Full Automation Suite provides many benefits to SMB.Such SaaS tool can significantly improve the operational efficiency and sales productivity of enterprises.
  • What types of project management tools are good for what situations
    Unlike many other project management tools in the market, 8Manage PPM has KANBAN information recording feature, but its unique features are project integrity management and accountability tracking.
  • 8Manage SaaS: Coronavirus Boosts Enterprise Automation
    Small and Medium-size Businesses (SMB) can be full digitization and automation through 8Manage full automation system to avoid coronavirus.
  • Approach to Effective Project Management-8Manage PPM
    When you are managing complex projects, using the effective 8Manage project management system which will help you manage time, cost, quality, change, communications, risks and issues.
  • 8Manage SPM:Why Procurement SaaS
    Procurement SaaS solution(e.g., 8Manage SPM) has the following additional benefits over the traditional software solutions: lower solution cost,simplistic implementation,seamless scalability.
  • 8Manage:What are the benefits of e-procurement system?
    With 8Manage e-procurement system, the benefits of moving your procurement processes online is no longer just for efficiency and cost-saving, but also for control and anti-corruption reasons.
  • 6 Essential Steps to Successful Project Management-8Manage
    A suitable project tool is of the most 3 important things for succesful project management, your project team may proceed 6 essential steps after you acquire the project software.