Your methodology helps you to manage your project more as a science. But you have to keep in mind that methodology is a dead thing and humans are living things, meaning each of your project stakeholders can interpret your methodology differently and tell the truth or not always tell the truth during project execution.

Distortion Control

Managing your project more as an art or more as a science would depend on the degree of your project information resembling truth. If 90% of your project information is distorted, there is no scientific way of running your project predictability and your project of course would be unpredictable. On the contrary, if 90% of your project information is correct, then many project mgt. practices can help you run your project predictability.

On average, 60% of the data in today's projects are distorted and resulting in a 70% project failure rate because people don't understand that distortion must be effectively controlled before the project can be managed as a science.

Distortion Control is the No. 1 advantage of PPM.

Rich Functionality

Projects look simple at the beginning because people don’t understand their complexity. But when a project progresses halfway, people would find that almost everything in a project is interrelated with each other and the complexity is far beyond human being’s memory capacity without a rich functionality project mgt. tool. A perfect tool would be very simple to use at the beginning but its feature menus can be opened up when additional needs arise.

Rich functionality but simple at the beginning is the No. 2 advantage of PPM.

Real-time Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)

The run time engine of most project mgt. tools is resembling an electronic spreadsheet run-time engine. This is only appropriate for creating a project plan but not for executing a project.

Since project mgt. must include time and cost calculation, and its data often involves huge interests of individuals and organizations, the timeliness and online transaction processing (OLTP) capabilities of its runtime engine cannot be far weaker than general banking systems such as automated teller machines (ATM). The spreadsheet runtime engine is in fact far inferior to the ATM runtime engine from real-time control and OLTP standpoint. Therefore, it is completely inappropriate.

PPM’s real-time online transaction processing (OLTP) run time engine andExecution Mgt. is its No. 3 advantage.

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