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Your business can't become true digital unless it transitions from paper documents to paperless. provides the best EDMS to aid in document digitization and management. It helps reduce the time it takes to find information and documents, control document versions, and eliminate document loss. It will help your teams to:
  • Store all the documents securely
  • Organize all the documents
  • Retrieve documents when needed
CRM provides your teams with profound insights into your customer base and the ability to drive stronger communications, customer engagement and strategic decision-making. With CRM, your teams can track and follow a customer's interaction journey with your business. It also helps your teams focus on your organization's relationships with individual people — including customers, service users, colleagues, or partners — throughout your lifecycle with them,including finding new customers, winning their business, and providing support and additional services throughout the relationship.
Project Management
For many organizations, one of the most important areas for digitalization is project management or PPM. But it is also the toughest area to digitize properly due to the fact that the majority of the project management tools on the market are project documentation tools, not project management digitization tools. With proper PPM digitalization, your teams can see in real-time how any schedule, resource or deliverable change would affect your projects and financials. It is like you're adding the real-time project view in your entire enterprise or ERP.
SRM helps your teams manage suppliers, procurement, acceptance quality, inventory and logistics and is an important area for your digital transformation. You can integrate your SRM processes with your ERP and/or PPM to reap the benefits of digital integrated management. In addition, SRM can help you:
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Minimize price volatility
  • Consolidate the supply chain
  • Outsource certain activities
  • Continually improve operations
Service Management
Interfacing with a lot of old and new customers seamlessly can be a hassle if your business has not yet integrated with the right customer service software. This is where Service Management comes in. The tool helps optimize your customer relationship with features like messaging and live chat, ticketing system, service agreement conformance and so much more. Service Management is based on ITSM and ITIL standards and is suitable for both IT and non-IT industries and it can enhance your organization's ability to identify and solve problems, improve customer satisfaction and employee productivity and satisfaction and bring business value to your organization.
HCM provides digital recruitment, employee repository, attendance & utilization, compensation & payroll, benefits, training & performance, leave and employee self-service features and can tremendously enhance your company's efficiency. It also provides your teams the framework to manage information capital, group earning and structured collaboration.
HCM is also critical for enabling a successful digital transformation which requires identifying and allocating the resources who understand the business and also see the vision of how the business could be improved in the future.
Digital Finance
Digital Finance or WIP Finance is a challenging but critical step for any business doing digital transformation. can provide real-time digital accounting to your business workflows in your demand chain, project portfolio, production and supply chain. It allows your teams to incrementally view work-in- progress, resource consumption, time & cost consumption and earnings. Without this complete and real-time information, it would be hard for you to determine estimation-to-complete with your newly devised methods. Many projects go wrong over and over again because they are vague in their status quo. In other words, digital finance. is the key in decision support -- no good information, no good decisions.
No Code Platform
New Way Kanban abstracts out the functionality and offers a visual, modeling-driven environment to speed up application development. It can dramatically reduce the amount of time required to build, deploy, and change cutting-edge, powerful enterprise applications. It provides:
  • Drag-and-drop interfaces to allow developers can create applications visually
  • Instant mobility: allows cross platform functionality happen behind the scenes automatically
  • Declarative tools are implemented through things like visual models and business rules and no need for coding
The architecture of All-in-one is different from other ERP.  All-in-one provides:
  • End-to-end workflows across corporate function boundary
  • Same database used by all functions
The results are (i) automated workflows that don't need to stop at the corporate function boundary and (ii) real-time data exchange among different corporate functions. This allows the teams to view the cause-and-effect relationships of any activity or result at any level of detail at any time.
Cloud Platform
cloud platform provides a robust infrastructure upon which your business can rebuild service offerings, database, and more, and offers numerous advantages such as:
  • Minimal outages
  • Efficiency
  • Adaptability
  • Enhanced security
With cloud platform, you can also set your own IT standards and have us to perform the system administration (e.g., capacity planning, security scan, backup & restore, and disaster recovery).
Redevelopment Service
If you need to develop a very large amount of specialized features, we can do the redevelopment for you. We have teams that are proven for large-scale software development. We will leverage our technology stacks and frameworks as much as possible if applicable to minimize time-and-cost. We put a lot of emphasis on “understanding the problem is half the solution” and employing the best analysts. It isn't hard for you to determine whether we have the right team for you by starting discussing your requirements to our analysts.
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