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provides project features, business features, service features and tools for your project works. project features include integrity mgt., requirements mgt., planning & execution, resource mgt., effort (timesheet) mgt., deliverable & milestone, test cases & quality control, issue & risk mgt., communication mgt., change request and report center. All these features were designed to function together in an integrated manner. Their relationships are shown as follows:

Integrity mgt. is the biggest distinction of PPM from other PPM products. PPM maintains the single source of truth (SSOT) data in its database by enforcing the 4-eyes principle, baselining information and keeping track of versions and automating audit trail. All screens and reports are generated in real-time (zero delay) based on its SSOT data so that everyone is viewing information (based on privileges) from the same and latest SSOT. This is a vast difference from the systems that generate screens and reports based on the user-editable MPP files with multiple versions.

Executives will have the capabilities to effectively sponsor projects
and train managers in modern project management.
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