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Purchase Demand & Control

A variety forms of purchase demands can be encountered and a single form of purchase demand management wouldn’t be able to meet the needs of modern enterprises. 8Manage Purchase Demand & Control can help users easily handle different forms of procurement requirements without losing control:

  • Common goods & services centralized procurement (Volume strives for the best price)
  • Common goods & services distributed procurement (Locality yields the best result)
  • Common goods & services co-operating procurement (Using standing-offer to deal with demand unpredictability)
  • Specialized goods & services procurement (User department has the best knowledge)
  • Project-based procurement (Need to meet project time-and-budget constraints)
  • Urgently needed products or fresh products purchases (Such as food , fresh ingredients)

8Manage Organization allows you to define the organizational structure and the authorities and responsibilities of each of its units. 8Manage Budget allows you to set and track the budget that each unit in the organizational structure can spend within certain period of time to procure the goods and services that it needs.

8Manage Demand allows you to do cross-functional procurement planning to meet customer demand for products while minimizing excess inventory and avoiding supply chain disruptions.

8Manage Demand allows you to do both direct and indirect material planning.

8Manage Purchase Request allows one department to manage the purchasing of goods and services for the entire enterprise. Centralized control is beneficial in finding the best deals with vendors for the corresponding location of the purchasing organization.

8Manage Purchase Request allows you to manage and merge purchase demands and select the best deals via Quick Quote, e-Tender or e-Auction.