Report Center

Report Center gives you insights into the current state of the business. Multi-dimensional reports such as data tables and summary tables comprehensively analyze business data, helping enterprises to make efficient decisions.


Expense reports allow users to query expense data of business personnel’s expense requests, expense advance and expense reimbursement. Expense data can be analyzed by purpose, people, internal group, and expense item.

Expense reports are comprised of Expense Request Search, Expense Advance Search, Expense Reimbursement Search, Expense Summary Report—By People, Expense Summary Report—By Purpose, Expense Category Report, Billable vs. Non-billable Report, etc.


Purchase reports allow users to search for the purchasing progress, receipt, price analysis and other data. Based on the data, users can analyze the purchase price and goods status, and report the relevant information to the decision-makers of the company.

Purchase reports contain Purchase Order Summary, Purchase Report, Product Purchase Report, Purchase Order Price Exception Report, Purchase & Payment Report, Product Price Report, Shipment Schedule Report, Purchase Return Report and Purchase Receipt Report.


Contract reports support users to track and query the execution status, cost and return, profit and other analysis data of contracts signed between enterprises and suppliers, helping users to quickly and effectively understand contract business data for quick decision-making.

Contract reports include Contract Status Report, Contract Cost & Return Report and Contract Renewal Report.


Inventory reports track and manage the flow of goods and capital in the production and operation of the enterprise, from the signing of the contract, goods purchase, warehousing, receiving to payment, etc. They provide you with accurate data, which effectively assists enterprises to solve business problems in business and inventory management.

Inventory reports involve Inventory Report, Product Outbound Report, Product Receipt Report, Product Decrement, Increment & Balance Report and Product Delivery Report.

Invoice & Payment

Invoice & Payment reports give you insights into the payment of the purchasing business. Financial staff can check the details of invoice and payment summaries to verify the financial status, operating results and cash flow.

Invoice & Payment reports can be further divided into Invoice & Payment Summary—by Supplier and Invoice & Payment Summary—by Currency.

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