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Supplier Self-service

8Manage SRM Supplier Portal facilitates the exchange of information between your organization and your suppliers. The benefits include:

  • Supplier online self-registration and account maintenance
  • Supplier online participation in Quick Quote, Tendering, Reverse e-Auction and e-Survey
  • Supplier online interaction on contract negotiation, order confirmation, delivery planning, acceptance, return, invoicing and payment
  • Supplier document sharing via uploading or e-DMS
  • Data to be accessible in one location

8Manage SRM Supplier Portal can free up your staff for higher-value assignments by transferring the time-consuming chores such as responding to supplier’s inquiries on registration, information-update, RFI/REP/RFQ, delivery-planning-and-coordination and invoice-and-payment to a secure, online location where vendors can access answers themselves quickly, conveniently and easily.

8Manage SRM Supplier Portal can also increase your supplier efficiency and speed up your sourcing and purchasing activities.