8Manage SRM provides the workflow which can be used for goods or services to be delivered and accepted as meeting the terms specified in the contract/PO.

8Manage SRM provides features for delivery planning, delivery note mgt., bar code mgt., inspection mgt., acceptance mgt., return mgt. and inventory mgt.

Delivery Planning

8Manage SRM allows your supplier and you to plan out the schedule and logistics to deliver the products and services to you for acceptance. Your supplier and you need to work out when and how the products and services should be delivered to you, given the required volumes for the coming period, in such a way transportation costs are minimized and inventory levels and acceptance capacities are being respected.

Acceptance & Return

8Manage SRM allows you to perform goods receipt and acceptance on delivered products and services. 8Manage SRM enables automatic posting of a goods receipt and acceptance record.

8Manage SRM also allows you to manage delivery notes, bar code scanning, inspections and returns.

Inventory Search

8Manage SRM allows you to search for products with their inventory information. Using it, you can immediately know the inventory number and the warehouse location of each product that you search. You can also find out whether the products are on backorder and their quantities are in transit.

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