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Fixed Asset

8Manage Fixed Asset Mgt. provides the following for you to track and maintain your organizations fixed assets:

  • Asset categorization and identification
  • Asset information management
  • Asset life cycle management
  • Asset depreciation and book value management
  • Inventory management

8Manage Fixed Asset Categorization & Identification allows you to search and uniquely identify a fixed asset item.

8Manage Fixed Asset Information Mgt. allows you to record the ownership, user group, site and service dates and status information of a fixed asset item.

8Manage Fixed Asset Lifecycle Mgt. helps you to manage the inventory of fixed assets, preventative maintenance, repairs, donation and scrapping of a fixed asset item.

8Manage Fixed Asset Depreciation and Book Value Mgt. helps you to track asset’s original value, salvage value, salvage ratio, accumulated amortized/depreciated value and net value.

8Manage Fixed Asset Inventory Mgt. allow you to coordinate and control the flow of assets required for your business to operate.

Note: From user license standpoint, 8Manage Fixed Asset Mgt. is not part of the 8Manage SRM package, but a add-on product to 8Manae SRM or its sub-modules.