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Purchase Order

When you have just gone through a sourcing  process to find a vendor for a specific type of product or service. You identified the winning vendor and are ready to solidify the deal… but what’s the best way to formally document the agreement between you and the vendor?

While many companies go straight to a contract or, in the case of smaller purchases, simply ask for an invoice, there’s another option to consider – a purchase order.

Purchase orders are legally binding agreements between buyers and sellers, and are a great option when you need more than an invoice but a lengthy, multi-page contract isn’t necessary.

8Manage provides you the following purchase order functionality.

Type & Rule Settings – 8Manage allows you to categorize your purchase according to your company’s purchasing categorization and set up the corresponding rules to ensure your company’s policies are properly enforced.

Manual or Automatic Creation – 8Manage allows you to create your purchase order manually or automatically generate it from your purchase request.

Payment Terms – 8Manage allows you to set up the payment terms in your purchase order so that subsequent invoices and payments can be automatically tracked.

Review & Approval – Based on your organization structure and purchase type, 8Manage will automatically bind the preset review-and-approval flow to your purchase order.

e-Signing & e-Chopping – 8Manage allows you to e-Sign and/or e-Chop your purchase order.

e-Send to Supplier – 8Manage allows you to send the purchase order electronically to your supplier.

e-Confirmation from Supplier – 8Manage notifies your supplier of the new purchase order and allows it to confirm the order and then notifies you.

Delivery Planning and Confirmation – 8Manage allows you and your supplier to set up a delivery plan, make changes and confirm the (final) plan.

Acceptance and Return – 8Manage allows you to examine the products and services and accept and/or return them.

Invoice Matching – 8Manage assists you to match invoices received from the supplier to the payment terms and acceptance status of the purchase order.

Invoice Approval & Payment Request – 8Manage allows you to submit invoices and payment requests for approval.

Rate Supplier Performance – 8Manage allows you to rate the supplier’s performance according to its ability to fulfill the order.