External System Interface

SRM enables secure and fast access to multiple external systems with data security, and helps enterprises transmit data easily. SRM provides prebuilt interfaces to a number of commonly used systems and supports API interfaces, data import-and-export interfaces and data synchronization interfaces.

System Interfaces

SRM provides the prebuilt interfaces for connecting to the following systems:

  • WeChat Official Account,
  • Enterprise WeChat Account,
  • DingTalk,
  • CAS SSO,
  • Saml SSO,
  • SMS Interface,
  • Online Document Browsing/Editing.

The integration can be done by setting relevant parameters.

API Interfaces

SRM provides the RESTfull and Web Service API. They can be used by authorized external systems to create, modify and query system data.

External ERP & OA

When connecting an external ERP or OA system to SRM, you can do the following to exchange the data of the two systems:

  • Making API calls
  • Importing and exporting Excel files
  • Interacting with data through intermediate tables
  • Calling other interfaces through custom methods

SRM supports both periodic and aperiodic data synchronization in real-time.

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