Purchase Requisition (PR)
Formalize request from a user or group, act as a control and track results
Demand mgt.
Approval mgt.
RFQ & Quotation
Purchase Order
Delivery Performance
provides tools to forecast, plan for and manage the demand for products and services so that they are available when the business needs them. The tools allow you to carefully manage resources, budget and forecast to ensure that the right amount of goods and services are available at the right time.
provides the purchase requisition approval flows to set clear checks and balances for spend requests related to new material, new equipment, new labors, new budgets and every other type of expense. The well-designed approval workflows protect your organization from spending over budget and running out of cash.
PR can be converted to 8 RFQ to solicit goods or services in which a business can invite suppliers to submit price quotes and bid on the job.
PR can also directly converted to 8 PR. It then becomes a legally binding agreement between the buyer and the supplier.
provides delivery metrics such as below to allow you to manage performance:
  • Number of complete deliveries
  • On-time delivery rate
  • Complain rate
  • Order accuracy rate
  • Late frequency
  • Return rate
Request Mgt.
Formal Kickoff
Clear Communication
Reduce Errors
PR can serve as the formal kickoff of a procurement project to make sure employees involved are aware of it, get aligned with the mission and are moving in the right direction.
can help to improve communication between different departments involved in the procurement process. This improved communication often leads to a smoother and faster procurement process overall.
Without a PR can lead to delays and errors in the procurement process. This can result in increased costs, missed delivery dates, and the need for additional communication to clarify the request.

PR helps build efficiency into the finance operation. It allows for better organization and tracking of materials, reduced ordering delays and better inventory management to reduce  errors in the process.
PR requires multiple levels of approval before a purchase can proceed. This multi-tiered approach makes it challenging for a single individual to push through unauthorized or fraudulent purchases.
Distributed Procurement
PR can collect quotations from different suppliers in real time, and then quickly compare their prices, delivery dates and other matters.
In decentralized procurement, demand planning and procurement of goods or services are done individually by each department. PR can be used by each department as the formal document to request the procurement of specific goods or services, such as to request the purchase of supplies for day-to-day operations, new equipment or technology.
Centralized Procurement
PR summarizes the procurement requirements of all different departments for the same material
and aggregates the levels to form a larger total procurement demand, so as to leverage volume and obtain better prices.
support both (i) centralized demand management and centralized sourcing and purchasing and (ii) decentralized demand management and centralized sourcing and purchasing.

For (i), the upper level or the central procurement department will summarize the procurement requirements of all different departments for the same material and aggregate the levels to form a larger total procurement demand, so as to obtain better prices or cost savings.

For (ii), each department manages its own procurement demand and submit PR. will automatically combine all the PR for a pre-defined period and generate an aggregated PR for the rest of the procurement steps.
Effective procurement can reduce costs, improve quality
and develop relationships with strategic suppliers.
Streamline management. Boost productivity. Grow confidently.
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