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After using the All-in-one integrated enterprise management system, L&A Group has realized the refined management of multiple projects and multiple contracts, as well as the efficient management of labor costs, which has driven the overall upgrade of enterprise management.
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L&A Group is one of the few comprehensive design agencies in China that has the Grade A qualification for landscape design issued by the Ministry of Construction and the Grade B qualification for urban planning compilation. Its business covers Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Qingdao, Chengdu, Changsha, Hong Kong and other places. Up to now it has finished many well-known landscape design projects and successfully built the courtyard on the bank of Beijing Tahoe Canal, Tahoe Jiangyin Courtyard, Beijing Poly East County, etc. There is no doubt that it is one of the largest and strongest landscape planning and design companies in China.

As an intellectual enterprise, L&A Group does not directly produce material products. Its main value comes from the artificially produced mental work. Employees can be regarded as its greatest productivity. Therefore, the management of "people" has become the top priority in determining the long-term development of L&A Group.

"Our design industry is quite special, and the product is the drawing. Unlike the general industry that needs a purchase-sell-stock system, it rarely involves procurement management. The main cost of L&A Group is the cost of labor hours. Therefore, the most important thing about the enterprise management system we need is to be able to understand at a glance how much labor cost has been invested in this year’s projects, which one is losing money and which one is making money. The system needs to be used to achieve fine control of labor costs." said Zhang Xuan, IT manager of L&A Group.

Key Issues

1. For the project manager, what projects do they do under their name each year, and how much do they earn? What is the overhead cost? Is it losing money or making money? As for the company, how to conduct performance appraisal and build a reasonable reward and incentive mechanism are problems faced by L&A Group.

2. L&A Group’s projects are generally divided into a negotiation stage and a formal stage. In the past, the division of the two stages was relatively vague, and the cost distinction and the quality control of the project was also vague. 

3. In 2014, L&A Group tried to launch an ERP project management system, which cost hundreds of thousands of yuan, but in the end it was nothing definite. The reason is that the traditional ERP system framework cannot flexibly adapt to the enterprise management needs of L&A Group.

Due to the particularity of the industry, L&A Group does not have too many information construction models for reference, and has been searching for the most suitable solution. Facing the low success rate of implementing the ERP system in China, L&A Group also encountered setbacks.

4. L&A Group is a private company with a flexible workflow. However, the ERP system framework chosen at that time was mainly aimed at the bottom-up business process of the relationship between the upper and lower levels of traditional enterprises, and could not well support horizontal process operations with many corporate roles poorly defined. As a result, the process of the system is difficult to go smoothly.

The previous failures also allowed L&A Group to have a clearer consideration of its own information management. In 2016, the All-in-one integrated management system developed by WisageTech Inc. came into its sight.

After in-depth contact, L&A Group found that the system can be operated in a streamlined manner by role, person or other forms, which basically meets the requirements in terms of system logic. In addition to project management, it also includes CRM, procurement management, human resource management, financial management and other module applications, and can realize comprehensive enterprise management through one platform.

Currently, All-in-one has been successfully implemented.


All-in-one covers PM, CRM, HR, OA and other functional modules, helping L&A Group to realize more comprehensive enterprise automation management.

Automated Management: L&A Group directly imports the data from the attendance machine into , so that it can clearly see which employee is late or absent without submitting leave requests, avoiding operational errors and human intervention. The system helps employees fill in timesheets more timely and efficiently as well. It also shows the annual signing rate and the collection rate. Supervisors can directly see the information at a glance through the CRM module.

Integrated Management: It is worth mentioning that these management systems are based on the same user interface, and the data among functional modules such as PM, CRM, ERP, and HR are completely connected. For L&A Group, as long as employees log in to the platform, they can learn all relevant information and data about a certain project, a certain contract or a certain customer, from the front-end sales, to contract signing, to project delivery. The costs, benefits and profits of the process become very clear.

Mobile Office: OA office operations can be performed on the mobile phone, and business data such as CRM can be processed easily.

Implementation Effect and Future Prospect:

Zhang Xuan, the IT manager of L&A Group, said had certain effects on the management of L&A Group, successfully realizing the effective control of working hours and costs. In the next step, we hope to "use it well" on the basis of “using it”.

“We already had an ISO quality management system, which involved a series of processes such as design, proofreading, and auditing. Simply put, it is to first survey the customer site, then design and proofread before reviewing. For us, the process is about the production and operation of the enterprise. The general industry makes physical products, but L&A Group produces drawings. With the management system, we can require employees to complete the prescribed process before proceeding to the next step, so that we can strictly manage the quality, compliance, and constructability of drawings.”

“We plan to elaborate the requirements on employee’s operation and specifications, so that the system can more accurately and comprehensively reflect the operating status of the enterprise. Nothing can be done overnight. Our goal is to do it step by step, and finally achieve a more perfect application effect.”

Zhang Xuan said frankly that this will be a painful process for ordinary employees, but it is very beneficial to the long-term development of the company. It can be said that short-term pain is exchanged for long-term development.
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