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Office Automation
e-Form & e-Flow

Office Automation is more than a paperless activity coordination and electronic survey assessment platform, it is a bridge closely connecting different organizations. By using the browser and centralized database in the 8Manage system, the user can easily manage the editing, approval and publishing of information and obtain assessment and feedback from the people in real-time. The system forms effectively linkage between information publishers and receivers and helps organizations to publish different types of information such as announcements, surveys and meeting notices and organize responses. It allows everyone to deal with business communications effectively at anytime and anywhere.

My Attention

8Manage allows each employee to define his workbench with which he can select real-time display components that are related to his work area. 

To Define Workbench
8Manage allows each employee to define his workbench and its components so that they can directly carry out their work in the workbench after log-in.
Work Task Assignment, Calendar and Alert
8Manage allows each employee to assign the task. When the work plan is arranged on the personal e-calendar, the system will accordingly inform you by sending alert or notification to make sure that each task will not be missed.
Real-time Assignment Condition (my subordinates and me)
8Manage allows employees to track how the assignment is run by the work calendar in real-time and the supervisor can check how the assignment and performance status of the subordinates.
Problem Management
8Manage provides an issue management mechanism, supporting the whole process from employee’s raising the issue, accepting the issue assignment, submitting a proposal to resolve the issue to closing the issue.

8Manage has clear issue mgmt steps to promote efficiency and encourage the employees to put up their issues and solve them as soon as possible.

Personal Office

Personal Office

8Manage provides multiple self-service features which the enterprise may provide to satisfy reasonable needs from the employees.

e-Form & e-Flow

8Manage provides a user-defined e-Form and e-Flow facility to allow users to create different notification and request forms for reviews, comments and approvals. It also provides the employee portal for each user. In the Employee Portal, the user can access to different facilities such as:

  • Office Equipment Request
  • Material Request
  • Service Request
  • Off Hour Building Entry Request
  • Parking Permit Request
  • Transportation Request
  • Facility Request
  • Book Borrowing & Returning
  • Award Nomination
  • Internship Request
  • Office Change Request
  • Mail Stop Change Request
  • Special Interest Group Registration
  • Lost & Found Registration
  • Visitor Registration
  • Complain & Suggestion

8Manage also can search and account the form by its type, requestor, and/or request time. 8Manage can also calculate the sum, average, max and min of the form values.

My Client

360 °client basic info mgmt

8Manage allows employees to know more about clients and business and provides 360 °client basic info.

  • General information
  • Company organization structure
  • Company legal standing and company value
  • Company financial & credit status
  • Contract information
  • Personal information
  • Personal interests & behavioral information
  • Interactions records & action items
  • Opportunities information
  • Revenue performance
  • Contract & order information
  • Service tickets information

8Manage not only helps the employees to record and track the clients’ interactions and actions, but also provides call center summary page enabling the employee to have an overview of the client.

Intra-department Document Approval Flow

8Manage allows the user to define multi-stage document approval flow and with multiple steps in each stage. 8Manage also allows the user to specify what stages and steps will be executing in parallel and what stages and steps will be executing in serial. The user can also define when an approvers rejects the document, the re-approval will start from the beginning or the rejection point.

Inter-department and Inter-company Document Approval Flow

Similar to the intra-department document approval flow, the user can define inter-department and inter-company document approval flow. Users from different departments and companies can do approval via login, email or smart phone.
Document and Knowledge Management

8Manage provides a thorough system to manage documents by putting them in different libraries and files, allowing users to keep files in order and compile them into indices. 8Manage also offers a mechanism for the users to check in, check out and control document versions. This document management system can be used both as a separate module and as a joint one connected with other modules. For example, it allows a connected library to be created automatically when adding a new contract or a new project by relevant policy settings, further continuing to use the same file settings of the pre-defined library templates. Moreover, it supports to instantly move the documents from any contract or any project into a library and the relevant document link of the contract or the project will automatically be updated.

8Manage also supports the function of classifying knowledge, allowing users to compile documents into indices and search for them by knowledge classifications, which can be pre-defined in enterprise policies.

Online Survey

8Manage supports customized content and scope of online e-Survey, and to support the automatic analysis and query as well. 8Manage online e-Survey can be used for customer behavior survey, to collect employee comments and the confidence of project members. 8Manage online e-Survey may be used for the following tasks:

  • Investigation of customer behavior
  • Investigation of customer satisfaction
  • To collect feedback of clients on any market activities
  • To collect feedback of clients on new products or services
  • Collection of employees’ views on the (new) management system
  • Collection of the annual evaluation on other employees or departments
  • Collection of the learning and training needs of employees
  • Survey the evaluation of project members on plan completeness and operability
  • Survey the confidence of project members on task schedule
  • Survey the appraisal of project members on project management

8Manage also provides many other convenient features of online survey , including the maintenance of enterprise survey database, anonymous surveys, repeatability investigation, automatic investigation, investigation of reminder message and so on. These functions help users handle the e-Survey easier.

Customized Report Generator

8Manage provides a state-of-the-art point-and-click Report Generator to allow business users to simply point to any field or fields that they want to search and generate a report. The system will perform accordingly. The simple-to-use but powerful mechanisms allow the business user to (a) select whatever combination of fields that he wants for search and report and (b) specify the layout or display order of the fields to be displayed in the report. It also allows the user to select different types of statistics (e.g., SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX) to be included in the summary line of the report.

With the 8Manage Point-and-click Report Generator , business users no longer need to learn SQL or depend on the IT staff’s assistance before they can do data mining and report generation.

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