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Hiersun Industrial Co., Ltd. has recently officially signed an agreement. By introducing the enterprise management and office automation system, Hiersun Industrial has achieved the integration of stores, personnel, processes and data, addressing the daily operational management needs of multiple store management models.
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Information technology is the key to the success of modern enterprises. Although the jewelry industry belongs to traditional retail, its development trend of information technology is becoming increasingly evident and gradually occupying an important position. How to ensure the efficient promotion of new store opening projects and reasonable allocation of manpower and material resources in market development? How to ensure future store management and daily store inspection arrangements? This requires enterprises to have a unified decision-making and management information platform for centralized management of resources and information.

With the widespread application of enterprise informatization, Hiersun Industrial Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Hiersun") has realized the importance of informatization in store management. To this end, the company has recently officially signed an agreement. By introducing the enterprise management and office automation system, Hiersun has achieved the integration of stores, personnel, processes, and data, addressing the daily operational management needs of multiple store management models, truly achieving digital management, transparent operation, and visual operation.

Hiersun was established in 2007, mainly engaged in the design, research and sales of brick and stone jewelry products. Its brand "I Do" has a chain store scale of over 600, covering more than 170 large and medium-sized cities across the country. It has been deeply involved in the jewelry market for many years and has gained widespread trust from consumers. At present, as a well-known jewelry chain brand in China, we have established stable cooperative relationships with numerous international design masters, and jewelry design and services are becoming increasingly perfect.

In recent years, the jewelry market has been developing towards refinement, and peoples consumption demand and service for jewelry have been increasing day by day. Hiersun has opened an increasing number of new stores across the country, which has made the management aware of the need to introduce efficient information management models for store opening projects and daily store inspections, to achieve a good distribution of human, material, and financial resources, and improve work efficiency. Therefore, the enterprise itself hopes to introduce a professional enterprise management system that covers the functions and service applications for the following management requirements:

1. Manage new store opening engineering projects, especially regarding project progress, progress, resource allocation, personnel responsibility, and final deliverables for internal and external suppliers in the new store (such as design plans and construction materials);

2. Due to the distribution of stores in various regions across the country, there are certain difficulties in spatial management. We hope that the platform has an office automation (OA) management mechanism to achieve the transmission of work information, daily communication, approval, and so on between store and headquarters management personnel;

3.Solve the daily store inspection management issues of the store, provide an information platform for daily work promotion management and management of personnel plan allocation, store inspection report feedback, and other content management of the store inspection.

After in-depth consideration and market investigation, the management team of Hiersun believes that the management system is in line with the system functions and service requirements currently required by the enterprise, especially the solutions proposed for the systematic management of store opening and inspection. The business matching is high, and it combines the mature and stable enterprise management products, stable technical team, and professional consulting services of , making this cooperation even more glorious.

The enterprise management system can not only fully solve the engineering and project promotion issues of new stores, but also achieve centralized control of daily engineering, shop inspection, and other daily business of jewelry stores across the country by building a unified management platform. At the same time, the OA module ensures the information management needs of its projects in various aspects such as personnel management, electronic approval, task management, customer management and comprehensive administration by standardizing the companys workflow.

For the progress of opening a store and the management of deliverables, the system can record the submission time of deliverables, and the responsible person tracking mechanism; In terms of store inspection, through mobile apps, operations such as store inspection location recording, personnel arrangement, and report submission can be carried out, overcoming time and space limitations, providing true information convenience and efficient guarantee for the daily management and operation of stores.

With professional and advanced enterprise management products, helps Hiersun achieve the goal of information management for store opening and operation management, promoting the rapid improvement of store management level, and thus improving the efficient operation of the companys overall workflow. At the same time, functions and services such as module linkage, data sharing, information connectivity, and secondary development have opened up broad development space for the future business development of Hiersun.

The good cooperation between and Hiersun will further promote ’s experience accumulation and industry service improvement in the jewelry and fashion industries. We look forward to working with more jewelry enterprises in the future to achieve efficient operation and development in enterprise information construction.
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