Office Productivity

As much as 45% of activities that employees are paid to perform can be automated. These activities amount to trillions of dollars in annual wages. An effective office automation (OA) solution plays an important role in helping organizations to eliminate time-consuming and repetitive tasks to reduce operating costs and improve employee productivity.

OA can provide you with the following features on top of the office tools such as word processor and presentation tool that your organization has already adopted:

Electronic Communication and Collaboration Tools

OA can provide a seamless and constant flow of communication throughout your organization, improving both front-office and back-office productivity. Communication became more challenging than ever as your organization might need to allow some level of remote work because of the pandemic.  OA can help your organization eliminate bottlenecks by automating the review-and-approval processes. Rather than chasing down subject matter experts and management for signatures through email or phone, employees can simply submit a request at the office or from home. The designated party receives an electronic notification, and the requester can easily track the status without the need to constantly follow up. OA can even help time each approver’s holding period and remind the approver accordingly.

Electronic Form & Workflow

OA allows you to define various form templates for different purposes such as customer management, IT service, purchase request and employee survey and their associated workflows.  OA makes it easy to store, search for, and retrieve these administrative forms and their associated documents. But more than that, it boosts compliance by maintaining an audit trail and eliminates manual data entry tasks.

Electronic Office Management

OA provides scheduling and task management features. With task management, organizations can easily assign and monitor tasks, as well as collect and analyze performance data.  OA takes office automation a step further by allowing you to implement process-level improvements.

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