Office Automation (OA) Platform
Cloud-based, platform-based and integrated office system that automatically connects with actual business

OA is not only a paperless collaborative office platform, but also a bridge that builds close links between different organizations. Through the integrated application of the system and the mobile terminal, the whole process of management from the editing, approval and release of the message to the receiving and feedback of the message can be realized, and the effective linkage between the message issuing agency and the receiving agency can be carried out to help the agencies and units easily release all kinds of major announcements, meeting notices, etc., and create a variety of feedback channels to collect the opinions and suggestions of service objects in a targeted and efficient manner, and enter the information technology era of office and communication anytime, anywhere.

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Custom workbench:

OA allows users to customize a workbench with self-defined components, which is convenient for users to directly work after logging in to the system.

Work task assignment, calendar and alert:

OA allows leaders or work leaders to assign work tasks and arrange work plans on the personal electronic calendar. The system will issue alerts and notifications timely to ensure that work items are not left behind.

Real-time task status (self and subordinates):

OA allows users to track the execution status of tasks in real time through the work calendar, and the boss can view the subordinates task arrangement and task completion.

Issue management:

OA provides an issue management mechanism, which supports the workflow from raising a problem, accepting the problem and submitting a solution to closing the problem.

The clear issue management steps of OA are convenient and efficient, which can well encourage work-related personnel to raise and solve problems as soon as possible.

Personalized Navigation

The administrator can set a personalized navigation view according to the user role, that is, based on the system function used by the user, set the functional navigation diagram that meets the actual needs, such as the leader user navigation diagram, staff navigation diagram, enterprise unit navigation diagram, etc.

Customized navigation nodes and navigation icons make it easy to design a practical navigation diagram that matches the organization's own style. After ordinary users log in to the system, they use the customized navigation diagram and click on the navigation node to directly enter the system page related to their work, so as to carry out the work conveniently and quickly.

Institutional Management

OA provides a tree-like organizational structure diagram, where users can see the basic structure of the organization and the corresponding persons in charge of each group. By defining group information and affiliation, you can build a structure diagram of the entire organization for easy reference.

In addition to the internal group information, users can also search enterprise unit information, contact information, etc., from the database of service or jurisdiction objects in the system. Specific business leaders can update the enterprise information in time to ensure timeliness. Basic information such as the contact information of internal group members and service objects can also be synchronized to generate an organization address book for search and query.

Announcement Management

Announcement management provides an important information release platform for government agencies to issue important policy information and convey the spirit of documents.

Using the text editor embedded in the system, you can freely edit the announcement content, and upload pictures, documents, etc. as attachments. After the announcement is edited, it can go through the preset approval process, or be approved by the self-defined approvers.

The content of the announcement is released to the workbench of the contact from the information receiving unit in real time, reminding him/her to timely check it. The recipient can comment or reply to the content and then the agency collects the feedback information of the service object in time.

Form and Flow Management

OA provides users with a general and customized document flow process, helping to create various communication and request forms for review, comment and approval.

The system also offers a personal management module for each user, through which the user can use different functions, such as:

  • Office Equipment Application
  • Award Nomination
  • Service Object Information Registration
  • Office Change Request
  • Material collection application
  • Special Interest Group Registration
  • Service Request
  • Lost and Found Registration
  • Application for Transportation Expenses
  • Visitor Registration
  • Facility Use Application
  • Complaints and Suggestions
  • Book Borrowing and Returning

OA also supports query and statistics of forms by form type, applicant, application period, etc. For the amount, quantity and other types of fields, you can easily realize the sum, average, maximum and minimum statistics.

Conference Management

OA realizes comprehensive management of conference affairs for organizations, and fully supports all aspects of conference management, including:

  • Process management: meeting preparation→meeting approval→meeting notice release→receipt submitted by participants→meeting attendance→meeting in progress→meeting decision→meeting end
  • Task management: During the entire meeting process, assign tasks to meeting-related staff and track and check the quality of the completed work
  • Attendance management: real-time statistics of meeting receipts and actual attendance, which is convenient for the person in charge to keep track of the meeting
  • Document management: establish a conference document management mechanism for easy filing and review
  • Budget management: support the formulation and approval of meeting budgets, and the comparison between budgets and actual costs
  • Communication management: provide a variety of communication methods, including questionnaires, chat, discussion, etc., helping conference staff and participants to establish an effective communication mechanism
  • Material management: include applications for conference facilities and equipment, conference room reservation, etc., which assist the convening of conferences

OA is not only a static news release platform, but also a dynamic real-time communication tool. It supports one-to-one and multi-person discussion communication methods. Users can send text and picture messages to other users, provide service support, and answer questions.

Different from traditional instant messaging tools, the chat records of OA are stored in the server. As long as the user logs in to the system, he/she can view all the historical chat records no matter what computer he/she uses. There is no need to install the client software, which saves computer space and the trouble of frequently updating the software.

Through privilege control, it is possible to restrict the communication permissions of certain people, block unnecessary harassing information, or set privileged users to view all historical chat records. This method maintains effective communication between organizations and information security.

Discussion Forum

The Discussion Forum is an effective communication channel for organizations to answer questions and solve problems for service objects. For any discussion initiated by the user, the range of people participating in the discussion can be set according to the topic content. Participants can post comments about the topic and to solve problems.

The message shielding function allows system administrators to monitor all messages and comments, and shield unreasonable comments to maintain the communication order of the system.

Mobile Terminal

The mobile terminal function of OA integrates message approval, viewing and replying and chatting, providing users with a convenient office experience. The mobile office mode frees office staff from the constraints of time and space, and unit information can be communicated smoothly anytime, anywhere, making work easier and more effective, and achieving a more coordinated operation effect on the overall level.

Leader users can log in to the mobile terminal to approve meetings, announcements and official document forms. Ordinary users can log in to the system to view and reply to published meetings, official documents, and announcements. Moreover, the mobile terminal can send and receive chatting messages to maintain smooth communication anytime, anywhere. Through the mobile terminal, you can query the address book of the organization, click the phone number, and make a call with one key.

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