Digital Workflow

Digital workflows aren’t just a facelift for forms. While they may still utilize forms in some fashion, they do so with an experience that actually revolutionizes processes for your workers and customers.‍

‍Here are just some of the ways your organization will scale better, arrive at revenue faster, and become more secure when utilizing digital workflows instead of forms.‍


Form-heavy processes that rely on paper and people to make them work aren’t realistically scalable for businesses that must cut costs and increase efficiency in the age of digital transformation.‍

When you’re thinking about growth, eliminating bottlenecks makes for quick, powerful wins. Look to areas where higher-volume and lower-skill tasks can be automated to free up talent for more deep-thinking work.‍

Digital workflows help make sure the right fields are filled out, and the right people see the right forms at the right time. ‍

Better User Experience ‍

As a company that specializes in using technology to bring business practices into the 21st Century, creating exceptional user experiences is what we do. Empowering your clients, customers, and users to more effectively purchase and use your offerings on every device is exactly what your workflows should do.‍

OA effortlessly guides users through reading and completing even the most complex documents and forms right on their mobile devices. Buyers get to accomplish what used to be days-long, eye-straining work in a matter of a few scrolls and taps. Sellers and everyone else involved getting a quick turnaround on even their most complex requirements.‍

Less Time Wasted on Redundant Data Entry‍

With digital workflows, the information a user enters can be mapped directly to specific fields in your company database. That means there’s no need for your staff to spend their valuable time on your clock reentering the same data a user just documented—sometimes even more than once if you use several systems for follow-up communication, billing, etc. When redundancy is eliminated; completion time, rates, and accuracy skyrocket.‍

Human Error is Eliminated with Real-Time Form Validation‍

There’s a reason for paperwork piling up—it’s often fraught with human errors that take way longer to correct than they do to make. If a vendor misreads a paper form and fills in their phone number where they were meant to enter the number of units they want to order, staff on both your side and theirs now have to spend time recognizing the error and tracking down the person who needs to correct the error before the order can go through.‍

However, OA is often outfitted with real-time validation, helping eliminate human errors.‍

Complex Routing and Approval Steps Happen Automatically‍

Some workflows that initiate important actions, such as making large purchases or hiring key team members, will often need to go through several levels of review and approval. Using OA, you can create as many steps as you need to make sure certain information is signed off on by the right people in the right order. Better yet is the automatic nature with which the workflow is executed. Forms no longer languish in overflowing inboxes and sensitive information doesn’t end up on the wrong desk.‍

Audits and Security Become Effortless‍‍

Electronic workflows effortlessly create audit trails at every step in a process by automatically attaching information such as date, time, owner, and other data to each completed field. These trails make it easy to track when certain actions were approved and by whom, which can be helpful for your own edification or in the case of actual audits.‍

Customization for Every Business Need‍

With just a little bit of technology savvy, you can create beautiful, modern, and best of all customized digital workflows in an afternoon. The customization is only limited by your own creativity.‍

Point-and-click Dashboard and Report Generator‍

OA provides an easy-to-use point-and-click dashboard and report generator in which you can select any fields that you defined and the format (e.g., 2D table, 3D table, pie charts, 2D bar chart, 3D bar chart) to generate (i) real-time dashboards in which whenever the underlying data changes the screens will be refreshed and generate (ii) real-time reports with real-time search criteria. ‍

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