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As a leading enterprise in intelligent manufacturing in semiconductor industry, TaizhiTech has reached a cooperation with to achieve unified management of internal operations, projects, business, and finance through OA+project integration, achieving full process control of the enterprise and improving business innovation capabilities.
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Industry background

Jiangsu TaizhiTech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "TaizhiTech") is a leading company in China that focuses on "Industry 4.0" and provides "smart factory" solutions for the entire production process for high-tech manufacturing industries such as integrated circuits, LEDs, PCBs, and new materials. TaizhiTech has long focused on the development and innovation of equipment automation technology, providing industry solutions for intelligent manufacturing throughout the production process. It has independent research and development capabilities for standard SECS/GEM communication protocols and non-standard equipment communication protocols, and has obtained relevant patent certification.

At present, in the electronic circuit industry, automation functions such as non-standard equipment automatic wiring and automatic downloading of equipment process parameters have been achieved for enterprises such as Jianding Technology through non-standard equipment communication protocols and EAP platforms. It is one of the few high-tech enterprises in China with complete and independent intellectual property rights in the research and development of standard SECS/GEM protocols and non-standard equipment iSECS, occupying an absolute leading position in the field of chip packaging and testing. Promote the development and transformation of the industry through innovative information technology, and create value for the semiconductor industry.

Management issues that enterprises need to address:

Since its development, TaizhiTech has continuously improved its product line. Currently, it has automation software such as RTM (Test Real Time Monitoring System), EAP (Equipment Automation System), EDC (Data Acquisition and Analysis System), as well as intelligent equipment such as SMT unmanned workshop, automated finished product warehouse, and automatic material cabinet. It is committed to providing industry solutions for improving the entire production process of intelligent manufacturing enterprises.

The core business of TaizhiTech is software and services, which are also the focus of business management. There are high requirements for project and business process control. Therefore, the management of TaizhiTech hopes to introduce a comprehensive OA system to control the entire process of internal operations and business projects, integrate business opportunities, contracts, and projects, achieve comprehensive management of business lines, cost lines, and revenue lines, further enhance business innovation capabilities, and lay the foundation for providing more high-quality products and services to intelligent manufacturing enterprises.

OA Solution

After comprehensive investigation, TaizhiTech finally decided to reach a cooperation with . The biggest advantage of OA is that in addition to electronic forms and circulation, it pays more attention to refined process management and collaborative management. Through real-time connection with the actual business, it builds a bridge of collaboration and communication for the business of each department of TaizhiTech, promotes the smooth flow of business information of each department, and achieves efficient operation.

OA automation office, connecting the internal approval process

Through the OA system, TaizhiTech can directly complete project related processes, such as project payment plan, project output plan, project weekly report, project milestone weekly report, machine implementation tracking, etc., as well as approval processes related to administration, personnel, and procurement, such as business trips and flight ticket applications, patent applications, license applications, procurement applications, etc. By customizing forms and approval processes, we can accelerate the internal operational efficiency of the enterprise, achieve high-speed process operation, and rapidly improve office efficiency, enabling TaizhiTech to pay more attention to the progress of key businesses.

Business+project integration, end-to-end full business process management

For the key focus of TaizhiTech - project and contract management, provides a dynamic business+project integrated management model for TaizhiTech. In terms of project management, TaizhiTech can manage the entire project process through functions such as project initiation, change, resource, problem tracking, execution and monitoring, and project personnel performance evaluation; In terms of business contracts, contract related information management, contract execution, invoicing application and invoice management, contract monitoring, and statistical analysis can be carried out. By controlling the execution, delivery, cost, and revenue of the contract through project management, one page can clearly understand the cost and revenue situation of the contract.

Break through system barriers and achieve integrated management of industry and finance

not only interfaces with the original financial management system data of enterprises, but also links with enterprise business projects. TaizhiTech can easily complete financial management processes such as budget formulation, payment, expense reimbursement, contract amount, revenue confirmation, and payment collection through the system, laying a good management foundation for the healthy financial situation of enterprises, and truly building a comprehensive information management system for business, personnel, finance, and materials.

Implementation effect and outlook

The intelligent manufacturing industry is the future of manufacturing enterprise development, and information management is also a compulsory course for every modern enterprise. The intelligent manufacturing industry should take the lead in implementing the construction of enterprise management informatization in order to better face market competition in the future! This time, TaizhiTech introduced OA, forming an integrated management of enterprise personnel, finance, and materials, achieving automated office and management upgrades, greatly promoting the construction of enterprise informatization, and ultimately taking an important step towards standardized and professional enterprise management, achieving intelligent generation of "curve speed"!

Introduction to WisageTech Inc.:

WisageTech Inc. focuses on the development of enterprise management software and is committed to providing integrated solutions such as enterprise management software for enterprises. Currently, it has an experienced and professional sales consultant team to provide customers with professional enterprise management services.

The companys products include customer management CRM, project management PM, procurement management SPM, human resource management HCM, financial management, office automation OA, integrated management All-in-one, and other systems. All products can be deployed in the cloud and support high customization, making it the first enterprise integrated management platform that can automatically connect.

Up to now, with its excellent enterprise management system, it has won praise and recommendations from over 500 customers across the world and different industries, with over 6.5 million users choosing it. It is the preferred choice for Chinas top 500 enterprises, involving industries/fields such as telecommunications, medicine, high-tech manufacturing, internet, real estate, system integration, finance, education, design, energy, etc., with a customer repurchase rate of over 50%.
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