Yangquan Coal Industry Group Chemical Research Institute
Recently, Yangquan Coal Industry Group Chemical Research Institute successfully signed a contract with , which provides project management and office automation solutions to achieve integrated project management and information-based collaborative office work.
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Recently, Yangquan Coal Industry Group Chemical Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Yangquan Chemical Institute") successfully signed a contract with , which provides project management and office automation solutions to achieve integrated project management and information-based collaborative office work. The launch of the project management and office automation system by Yangquan Chemical Institute will combine technological advantages with information management advantages, thereby improving project management efficiency and employee work experience.

Yangquan Coal Industry Group was established in January 1950 and is one of the 14 coal production bases planned by the state. In order to strengthen the chemical research and innovation capabilities of Yangquan Group and provide technical support for the development of the chemical industry, Yangquan Group established Yangquan Chemical Research Institute in May 2013. As a directly affiliated chemical research and innovation institution of Yangquani Group, Yangquan Chemical Institute has established an advanced technology innovation system,focusing on solving key technical problems in the production and construction of the coal chemical industry, and providing all-round technical support for Yangmei Groups goal of "strengthening coal and double 100 billion in five years".

Yangquan Chemical Institute focuses on research and development projects. In order to systematically manage all projects, Yangquan Chemical Institute hopes to launch an information management system to achieve internal research and development project management, research and development contract management, and collaborative office processes, and digitize the project work of the research institute.

In response to the management requirements of Yangquan Chemical Institute, has designed a management solution that integrates project management and office automation. The integrated project management module and OA module are used to systematically manage the R&D project from project initiation, contract, progress, expenses to procurement. At the same time, employee information, schedule arrangement, approval process, etc. are arranged in the system for management, and data information is exchanged in real-time, Help project members improve project management efficiency and free up more resources for research and development work.

In the system selection stage, the management personnel of Yangquan Chemical Institute, after watching the system demonstration of , believed that the management system of was very professional, highly matched with the requirements of the research institute, and had a lot of successful implementation experience. They hoped to transform to information management through cooperation with .

Subsequently, Yangquan Chemical Institute quickly signed a contract with to launch the project and office integrated management system, promoting the automation and systematization of project management and improving the management efficiency of the research institute.

About the PM System

The project management system refers to the effective implementation of a project under existing resource conditions through specialized system software, which is the connecting condition for the entire project process. The PM project management system is based on the advanced WBS/OSB/FBS architecture, which can achieve real-time updates of all data, improve the accuracy and transmission efficiency of project execution information, increase project transparency and the sense of responsibility of project personnel, and have all the necessary functions for project management. It can bring a qualitative leap to the project execution and management of enterprises, improve the speed and efficiency of project implementation, Ensure the normal implementation of the project.
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