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Enterprise Mgt Using Blockchain

8Manage is a state-of-the-art enterprise management application suite using blockchain. Every interaction is a syndicated real-time transaction in 8Manage. In business, revenue shortfall happens one transaction or one interval at a time, project lateness happens one deliverable or one milestone at a time and cost overrun happens one purchase item or one procurement contract at a time, therefore, the granularity of visibility and control is most important for minimizing deviations and maximize returns. Serious deviations happen not only because humans hide information but human brains together with electronic plan documents can’t keep up with the reality.

What distinguishes most of the 8Manage products from the older generation enterprise software is its fine grain syndication, real-time and transaction-based nature. 8Manage can assemble a set of business elements to an order, project, contract or business portfolio and disassemble a business portfolio, contract, project or order into a set of business elements in real-time. In other words, our systems make use of the symmetry aspect of business rules and the speed of modern computers to provide the multi-level cause-and-effect views of the business portfolio, contract, project and order execution in real time. Being able to detect the initial deviations at the earliest possible time or view the performance from the lowest level to the highest level activities in real-time time can possibly decide a business portfolio’s success or failure.

8Manage uses both centralized database and servers for centralized information and computation such as organization structure and payroll and distributed database and processing for information and activities that are distributed in nature such as open requests, open tenders, open projects and smart contracts.

Besides 8Manage is syndicated using the blockchain application model, it also has the following advantages:

  • Mobile UI is the front door
  • In-depth individual module functionality (Functionality of each module is described in its product page)
  • Comprehensive module selection (e.g., CRM, eCommerce, Procurement, PPM, HCM, Finance, BI and FAS)
  • Logically related data are dynamically linked within a single module and across multiple modules to allow integrated management and real-time decision support

A company can select a single module or any combination of modules to implement. For integrating with legacy systems, 8Manage provides the application bridge for the easiness of integration.

The full list of 8Manage modules can be found:  8MANAGE FULL LIST