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Fulfill Your Specific Requirements

The speed and quality of our customization ability is one of the key factors for our high implementation success rate. We have used the latest application framework technology and designed the following levels of customization in our products:

Point-and-click Customization(Business User Self-sufficient)

  • Point-and-click user-defined field values, policies, alert rules and other parameterizations
  • Point-and-click user-defined fields in existing pages
  • Point-and-click user-defined new pages
  • Point-and-click report generation and data mining

API/SDK Customization(Client’s Internal IT Self-sufficient)

  • Allow to modify existing screens and add new screens
  • Allow to modify existing application functions and add new application functions via call-back mechanism
  • Allow to modify existing dashboards and create new dashboards
  • SQL-based report generator for new report generation

Web Service for External System Interfaces (Client’s Internal IT Self-sufficient)

  • Allow to perform data mapping and interface design to any external system
  • Allow both real-time web service interface or periodical file interface to import and export data to any external system

Private Version Customization(WisageTech Service)

We maintain a separate branch of your data model and source code and perform heavy customization for your business needs

If you have any questions, please contact our professional service team at ivy@wisagetech.com