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To automate, integrate and digitalize business operations

Digitalization is changing the fundamentals of competition in many sectors.  Our mission is to help:

  • Startups to be born digital
  • Incumbent companies to be transformed to full digital
  • Companies make use of agility & micro behavior statistics to compete in the new era

Our technology can fully automate business operations processes and digitalize information in microscopic level across multiple legal entities in real-time. Since all upper level information is constructed based on the lowest level information in real-time, drilling down from any level to any level is just the reversal of the construction process that can be done at anytime.

Our technology can be used as the sole system or application bridge to automate partial or full business operations processes. Due to the fact that different enterprises have different legacy systems, some enterprises only purchase a single module such as CRM, SPM, PPM, HCM or O2O and then increase its use across multiple organizations and some enterprise starts with a single module and continues to add modules to achieve full automation, integrated management and digitalization. Below are real-life implementation and expansion examples:

Our High Value

Most enterprises are at the lowest 2 levels of automation, digitization and management today and not prepare themselves well for the digital era. Our products would allow them to move up to the 3rd, 4th or 5th level of automation, digitalization and management.

When an enterprise reaches the 3rd level of automation, digitalization and management, it would achieve the highest level of decision support and managerial efficiency for its internal operations. When an enterprise reaches the 4th level, it would be able to make optimized decisions and achieve the highest level of business operations efficiency across its clients and business partners . When an enterprise reaches the 5th level, it would be able to collect micro behavior statistics of its employees, clients and business partners and use the data for deep learning for recognizing and predicting patterns and automatically selecting or devising methods for optimized results.

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