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Multi Party Straight-thru-processing

Each enterprise using 8Manage can form a business straight through hub to connect its clients, partners, suppliers and employees in its shops, offices and operation centers. All requests, orders, confirmations, invoices and payments among all parties in the hub can be done online in real-time with minimum human input and minimum human input is defined as the calculations and decisions that can’t be derived from pre-defined parameters and rules and human decisions and controls are needed on the spot. If parameters and rules can be defined, all requests and responses can be fully automated. All open requests to new entities and open submissions from new entities can also be done online in real-time with minimum human input.

8Manage has a symmetric client, partner, supplier, employee and internal organization real-time information aggregation model and it doesn’t matter the enterprise has tens of thousands of shops, offices and operation centers and millions of clients, partners and suppliers, all transactions such as requests, orders, confirmations, invoices and payments will be organized and stored to the corresponding parties and can be aggregated or retrieved at anytime and in any place.

Enterprise Business-straight-thru With Clients

Each enterprise using 8Manage can conduct solicitations, interactions and transactions with its individual clients, corporate clients and partners (e.g., agencies, resellers, wholesalers) on mobile internet. 8Manage business-straight-thru capability allows the enterprise to simultaneously interact and transact with hundreds of thousands or even millions of clients with minimum human input. In other words, 8Manage allows the enterprise to maximize its computerized information and parameter-and-rule driven decisions and responses and minimize its manual work to achieve highest degree of consistent, prompt and controlled responses with the lowest cost.

Enterprise Business-straight-thru With Clients

Product and service deliveries such as construction delivery, Engineering to Order (ETO), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and IT Outsourcing (ITO) require teams from both the buy-side and sell-side to work together on the delivery project. 8Manage project-straight-thru provides a multi-team real-time transaction based project environment to allow the seller to work closely with its clients on delivery projects. Besides project resource and progress are tracked in real-time, each delivery project can be linked to its associated contract for real-time management of service level agreement and penalty, time-and-material or milestone based invoicing, revenue recognition and cost and profitability.

Enterprise Business-straight-thru With Vendors

Each enterprise using 8Manage can conduct business-straight-thru on tendering and procurement with its vendors on mobile. For example, when the enterprise issues a tender request or RFQ to a number of its vendors, each vendor’s contact person(s) will receive a message on her PC and/or mobile phone and she can click to work and respond in real-time. Each vendor can interact and transact in real-time as shown in the diagram below.

Enterprise’s Vendor’s Operation-straight-thru

Each vendor of the enterprise will already have the client quotation, client order, goods delivery and invoice & payment features for conducting business-straight-thru with the enterprise. Each vendor can also upgrade its system to full operation-straight-thru as show in the diagram below. Besides increase in the level of automation in its operations, the upgrade will also allow the vendor to conduct business-straight-thru with all its clients, not just the enterprise.

Each Buyer or Seller Can Have Its Own Hub
or Its Business Straight Through Processing

Each buyer or seller can have its own hub to conduct business straight through processing in real-time as shown in the diagram below.

Each hub has its own database and the linkage of business items such as RFQ, Quote, PO, Order, Delivery, Acceptance, Invoice and Payment are automatic based on the pre-set business protocols.

Global Hub for Global Business Straight Through Processing

8Manage can be deployed as enterprise hub, industrial hub or geographical hub. All entities within a hub aren’t only connected to each other but can conduct business in real-time because of the common business protocols that allow business transactions such as RFQ, quotes, orders, deliveries, transfers, returns, invoices, credit notes and payments to go through in real-time.

An entity, besides can conduct business straight through processing locally within a hub, it can also conduct business straight through processing globally with any entity that belong to any 8Manage Business Straight Through hub. The 8Manage architecture has the common business protocols built-in and by design it allows local and global business straight through processing once the system is installed. For the entities that have legacy systems and aren’t at the right time to replace them with 8Manage modern functionality yet can use 8Manage Business Straight Through Integration Service to perform the mapping between 8Manage and the legacy systems.

8Manage Business Straight Through processing isn’t interconnectivity and interoperability at message level but business object level (e.g., RFQ, quotes, orders, deliveries, returns, transfers, invoices, credit notes and payments) and the processing is real-time transactional. 8Manage currently uses the Open Source 2.0 model to allow IaaS and PaaS vendors to grow their own 8Manage hubs so that the Business Straight Through benefits can be further spread out.