8MSaaS Mobile OA
A user-friendly mobile office automation system

8MSaaS Mobile OA is available to assist you with miscellaneous office affairs and business information, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity, facilitating decision-making of managerial staff and reducing enterprise operating costs.

Users are capable of inputting the basic information of clients and suppliers, submitting expense reports and advance to their approvers, etc. in the mobile app, and do not worry about handling a large number of paper documents.

Document Flow

8MSaaS Mobile OA users are allowed to select a predefined document type, fill out and submit documents using their cellphones. The approver then will receive the document and make decisions on the Requires Attention page.

Expense Advance/Report

8MSaaS Mobile OA shortens the time to process expense advance or reports. Users can fill in the essential information which includes advance/expense items and payment method, and submit them for approval via the mobile app. 


8MSaaS Mobile OA allows users to enter the basic information and details of travels, and upload related attachments (voice, photo or file) before submitting them for approval.


In addition to create new folders and documents, 8MSaaS Mobile OA users can also check the files that they have the permission to view as well as deleted folders and documents on the phone.

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