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Recently, WisageTech successfully cooperated with NEC Hong Kong Ltd. Both parties will establish an integrated project management and operation system based on PM, guided by business requirements, to finely monitor project resources and costs, and further improve NEC organizational efficiency.
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Recently, WisageTech Inc. successfully signed a contract NEC Hong Kong Limited (hereinafter referred to as "NEC HK"). Both parties will build an integrated project management and operation system based on PM, with "people and organization" as the core and business demand oriented, to finely monitor project resources and costs, and further improve the effectiveness of NEC HK organization.

NEC HK is a Japanese multinational information technology and electronics company established in 1984 in Hong Kong. Its business activities have rapidly expanded to meet the growing needs of customers in Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China. NEC HKs professional fields include carrier network solutions, biometric authentication, smart city solutions, artificial intelligence, enterprise applications and infrastructure, unified communication, smart transportation solutions, multimedia displays and smart energy solutions, as well as providing management services and network center services.

In addition, NEC HK also provides advanced display and visual products, servers and storage, telecommunications and network solutions. With a comprehensive range of technical experts and resources, NEC HK provides customized one-stop solutions to meet the needs of customers in various industries that keep up with the times, and continuously brings commercial value to global customers, becoming a comprehensive source of superior innovative technology.

As a leader in integrating IT and network technology, NEC HK is well aware of the positive impact of digital technology on enterprises. As the organizational structure continues to grow and the business scale continues to expand, NEC HK hopes to build a unified project operation and management platform that can meet the demand for monitoring resource costs based on working hours, ensuring that the project proceeds smoothly within the schedule.

WisageTech Inc. has focused on the development of enterprise management software for 17 years. It has independently researched and developed more than 10 million lines of Java source code, 120 apps and 80 different systems, covering the field of multi enterprise project management. Its products are highly flexible and expandable, supporting local or cloud deployment, and providing services to more than 500 enterprises, many of which have cooperated with well-known large-scale IT software enterprises such as Fujitsu Hong Kong, Avnet Group, and Zoomlion Group.

PM of WisageTech is an intelligent software product that solves project and employee time management in project-driven enterprises. It can meet the entire process management of research and development projects and delivery projects, achieving refined management from project initiation and execution, time planning and issuance, time reporting/approval, to labor costs. On this basis, using the work hour table can help NEC HK achieve comprehensive project resource and work hour control, optimize financial accounting efficiency, and provide refined project revenue and profit analysis.

PM sustainably monitors the time, resources, and funding usage of project activities and deliverables, helping to provide accurate scheduling, resource allocation, and cost budgeting status. Its resource library has all the resource skills and available time data, automatically updated in real-time, with precise data, making search and relocation work easy to handle.

Support for tracking billing and non billing time on the timesheet, allowing managers to easily configure the timesheet to track the latest project time. By utilizing the system, relevant data can be automatically brought out based on the planning data of employees projects and tasks, and a work hour table can be automatically generated, making it easier to fill in and analyze work hours.

The Timesheet can associate resources and costs with projects, helping managers understand the execution status of projects within the allocated budget and quickly identify projects that are out of control. With an effective solution, NEC HK can track and calculate all project costs and control project budgets, thereby enhancing project insight.

In the future, WisageTech Inc. will continue to assist NEC HKs business development, deeply tap into the management value of the platform, continuously deepen business applications, meet the refined management demands of NEC HKs various business departments, and significantly improve organizational performance.
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