Time and Project Management

"When it comes to deadlines, it's always better to get things done a few hours early than a minute late." ——Shakespeare

"51% of projects are not completed on time and 47% are not on budget."——PMI study


For proper project management, time tracking plays a vital role. Timesheet can help your project to:


Improve project estimates

If you can track exactly how much time each member spends on tasks, you can enable correct billable time for projects with similar tasks.


If your project has a budget of $24,000, it may take 250 hours to complete. In your previous project, you recalled that your web designer needed 50 hours for a particular task, and you thought he/she needed 30 hours to do it. At that moment, you can adjust your total budget and revise your estimate to get closer to reality.


Avoid work overload

By estimating how much time your team members need on projects and specific tasks, you can avoid overloading them. Working overload can create unnecessary frustration, and with this time-tracking technique, you can avoid that.

Prioritize important tasks

In a project, there are urgent tasks, important tasks and non-essential tasks. You want project teams to focus on important tasks and deal with urgent tasks, but some of them are the most urgent.


If you know how team members spend their time, you can spot if few employees are investing too much time on unimportant tasks. It's important to let them know what should come first and what should be a priority. According to this, they can implement the project smoothly.


Increase productivity by avoiding time-consuming

Time is lost when there is no proper project management. If you can manage your time in a better way, you will not face time delays or wasted time. Time tracking can help you understand how much time your team members spend wisely and how much time they lose to unusual activities.

Timesheet help employees understand their ability and focus on certain tasks like:

Determine the workload of an employee over a period of time

Timesheets are an effective way of self-regulation for employees, showing how much time employees spend on each task. It helps employees plan ahead more easily by understanding how much work is occurring over a period of time.

Keep abreast of time spent in each phase of the project

Regularly updating timesheets allows employees to accurately track their work progress against deadlines. Timesheets can indicate the time spent on major project activities and/or each specific task.


Predict the delay of tasks and submit them to the project manager

With timesheets, employees can notify project managers of ongoing progress in real time. If there are delays, project managers can change schedules or reassign urgent tasks to available employees.

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