Time and Service Management

Any service business or organization must accurately calculate the time employees spend on tasks and projects. Time entry involves employees entering the time they start and finish work on a task or project on a timesheet. This data will afterward be used for customer billing and payroll processing. Using Timesheet, businesses can complete tasks on time, maintain a budget and achieve success with efficient use of resources. To do this, you need to keep accurate records. In other words, timesheets are critical to any successful service-oriented business or organization.

Payroll processing

Timesheet helps service businesses track working hours, leave, accruals and adjusted payroll. The time tracking software provides employers with a trackable payroll approval workflow. Inaccurate data entry is a major cause of payroll errors. Time tracking software systems, however, reduce entry errors for these data and facilitate payroll processing.

Management accounting

Timesheets are a valuable tool in management accounting. Using Timesheet helps managers record the start and end times of tasks. This is handy when managers need to know which tasks take up more time and determine which areas of work are being delayed.

Law firm timetable

It is important for law firms to maintain up-to-date records of clients’ working hours and details of the services they provide to clients. Using Timesheet helps them track bills based on client service hours.

Freelancer's timesheet

For freelancers, time is money. Many freelancers bill clients by the hour, so tracking time accurately is a priority. Understanding time spent on projects becomes difficult for those who work in a different location from their clients. Using Timesheet, freelancers can accurately measure time spent and share records with clients. This gives clients insights into where their money is going and provides freelancers with accurate records.

Accountant timesheet

Profits in accounting operations depend on how efficiently employees spend their time with clients. High utilization and high billability mean high profits. Timesheet helps accounting firms keep track of their bills and time. Therefore, choosing the right software is a key decision for the accounting business.

Reduce wasted time

Timesheet assists you to understand where you are wasting your labor. Using the software is conducive to weeding out tasks that take longer than necessary to help you make decisions on how to optimize your tasks.

Accurate billing

Timesheet helps you bill accurately. In this way, your clients know that you're working on their projects efficiently and their money isn't going to waste. Without worrying about frequently checking their project status, they can see how much time you've invested in them, which spoke of how accurate your billing is.

Automatic billing

With Timesheet, you bill the organization to whom clients provides service based on billable hours. Automated billing and invoicing can reduce your costs. Automatic billing can also increase revenue.

Improve project management

Timesheet is an important tool for project management, which is embodied in the following aspects:

  • By tracking project time, it can help employees qualify for new projects, roles or jobs based on performance.
  • By analyzing time usage, it can help you identify someone's skills in a specific area and use them in the parts of the project that are more suitable for them.
  • It helps identify areas where employees are spending more than allotted time and need additional training.
  • It helps measure the overall efficiency of a project.
  • It helps determine the availability of staff assigned to projects, making it easy to distribute workload among group members.
  • It helps project managers monitor progress and predict delays.
  • It helps project managers estimate expected costs and compare them with actual costs during project execution.

Save money for service businesses or organizations

Timesheet allows you to know what your employees are doing. Timesheets track employee productivity by comparing the hours they work with their output, helping to spot employees who underperform and cost the company money. Timesheets tell you who's productive and who's not, saving a lot of money for your company.

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