Roche Diagnostics (Shanghai) Ltd.
Through project and timesheet management system, Roche Diagnostics (Shanghai) Ltd. will create a unified digital research and development management platform, achieving efficient collaboration in organizational operations.
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Recently, WisageTech Inc. successfully signed a contract with Roche Diagnostics (Shanghai) Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Roche Diagnostics"). Through WisageTech Inc.s project and timesheet management system, Roche Diagnostics will create a unified digital R&D management platform, achieve efficient collaboration in organizational operations, and provide strong support for the companys R&D project coordination time and cost management.

Roche Diagnostics is committed to developing and providing innovative, cost-effective, timely, and reliable diagnostic systems and solutions from early detection, prevention, to diagnosis, and monitoring of diseases, thereby helping healthcare professionals improve patient treatment outcomes, improve peoples quality of life, and reduce social medical costs.

In August 2000, Roche Diagnostics was established in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Bonded Area as a wholly foreign-owned company to carry out business in Chinese Mainland. Since its establishment, the company has continuously grown in business and scale, making it a leader in the Chinese in vitro diagnostic market. So far, the company has more than 2400 employees, distributed in 75 cities across the country. The company is headquartered in Shanghai and has established branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Wuhan, Xian, Hangzhou, Jinan, and Urumqi. The companys product sales and service network is spread throughout the country, and with its first-class technical products and comprehensive services, it has won a wide market and reputation.

Medical devices are a technology intensive industry that integrates multiple disciplines. The research and development process of products generally has characteristics such as high investment, long cycles, and variability, which poses many challenges to research and development management. On the premise of ensuring product quality, project time management is particularly important. Managing the working hours of R&D personnel is the most important resource required for managing R&D, which is managing the R&D capabilities of the enterprise.

To this end, Roche Diagnostics and WisageTech have reached a cooperation, working together to create a unified and efficient R&D project management platform that integrates visual management of progress, cost, resources, and other aspects, effectively managing employee hours and analyzing human resources, empowering all staff to collaborate efficiently, and ensuring faster and better delivery of medical R&D projects.

WisageTech has been focusing on the development of enterprise management software for 17 years, independently researching and developing over 10 million lines of Java source code, 120 apps, and 80 different systems, covering multiple fields of enterprise project management. The products are highly flexible, scalable, and customizable, supporting local or cloud deployment, and providing services to over 500 enterprises, including those with Beijing Shenzhou Cell, Aomei Pharmaceutical Factory Collaborating with well-known large medical enterprises such as the University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Hospital.

Based on the management requirements of Roche Diagnosis, the R&D project management platform combines timesheet module with project management module, covering the core processes of the enterprise through comprehensive and complete management functions. It helps management effectively arrange work plans, allocate resources, timely understand employee hours, and grasp employee busy situations, which helps to achieve project planning, progress, cost accounting, and profit analysis.

With the solution, R&D team members can quickly and accurately track the time and effort they spend on assigned projects every day, associate unplanned project activities, and provide the organization with the necessary information to make better product R&D decisions.

In enterprises with R&D as their main business, having an efficient R&D department is a key component in driving profitability and success. Relying on the system, Roche Diagnostics can see the value created by various departments in the organization at a higher level and effectively manage value added points. A comprehensive digital research and development management platform will continuously promote Roche Diagnostics to strive for excellence, continuously create maximum value for customers, and meet the medical needs of more people.
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