Timesheet features

Timesheet assists you to track the working hours of hundreds and thousands employees for both project and non-project activities across different departments and locations.

Work Category & Charge Account

supports Work Category and Charge Account mechanisms to allow the enterprise to record their time spent according to its categories of work and process time charges based on its charge rates and charge accounts. The enterprise can choose to use 1 or 2 levels of work categories to keep track of their employees and contractors’ time, depending on the level of detail that it is accustomed to.

allows the enterprise to define project work categories and non-project work categories (e.g., leave, recruitment, production support) and track time spent by category, subcategory, project, department, job level or individual. is also able to track an individual's idle time and utilization rate. When combined with the PM module, Timesheet can further track planned efforts vs. actual efforts for each project. The detection of the discrepancy of planned vs. actual at the earliest possible time will allow the manager to take actions to improve the situation promptly.

Resource Calendar

Because different types of resources may have different working hours (e.g., Office Staff 09:00 to 18:00, Data Centre Operator day & night shifts, Mainframe Computer 24 hours a day except Sunday), allows each resource type, resource group and even each individual resource to have its own calendar to define its working hours, working days and holidays. Resource Calendar is the key feature that allows managing different types of resources across different countries which have different working hours and holidays. 

Cycle, Rules & Automatic Generation

Different enterprises might have different timesheet cycles. allows each enterprise to choose a weekly, semi-monthly or monthly timesheet cycle and its start date. allows each enterprise to define its own overtime, pre-submission, month-end and escalation rules. also allows the manager to set limits on overtime submission for her subordinates or project personnel and also whether the overtime is for “record only” or “record & pay” purposes.

Assignment, Project and Automatic Generation

can automatically generate a timesheet for each individual in each timesheet cycle. When combined with the PM module, Timesheet can automatically carry the individual’s assignments and project activities that occur during the timesheet cycle to the timesheet screen and app. If the individual is being planned or allocated for project activities, will push the planned or allocated time information to the timesheet screen and app so that the user doesn’t need to cross-check information before she fills in the timesheet.

Screen, App & Approval Flow

provides IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari screens and Android and iOS apps for users to enter their timesheet information. Information entered through the interface will store directly to the database through mobile internet connection. Users can conveniently enter their timesheet information in their office, in the subway or at home.

Search & Reports

Resource Time Report

provides powerful search mechanism to allow managers and HCM personnel to search timesheet information according to employee, department, period, total # of hours and approval status. The search result set can be exported to Excel or PDF for filing and mailing.

Project Time Report

provides various reports to show time spent by resource or job level for the following over different periods of time:

  • Department
  • Project
  • Work category
  • Charge account

All real-time reports can be exported to Excel or PDF for filing and mailing.

Work Category Summary Report & Charge Account Summary Report

also allows the user to produce multidimensional reports for analysis of things such as below:

  • Time spent by key resources on multiple projects
  • Time spent by key resources on multiple work categories
  • Project effort by job level and subdivided by resource
  • Work category effort by job level and subdivided by resource

The interactive report generation capability provided by helps the manager to conduct intelligent analysis of how her resources spent their time and devise better methods of managing her valuable resources.
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