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Use agile Kanban to speed up projects

Because of its high performance and simplicity, Scrum has become the most popular agile project management framework. It takes full advantage of the need for fulfillment, positive feedback, and ownership of the work done in a team environment.

The use of the Kanban system in the manufacturing industry is a source of inspiration for using the same system in agile software development. Its main goal is to deliver software in a timely manner without overloading team members.

Kanban in software development is all about process management visualization, it can tell you what to develop, when to develop and how much.

Use Scrum Kanban. Improve R&D and delivery capabilities

Scrum Kanban encourages the team to learn from experience and lessons, organize itself when solving problems, reflect on its own gains and losses, and continuously improve.

Project Kanban based on software development Scrum is an incremental method that supports iteration and is used to develop software systems or high-tech equipment. There are four roles for using the Scrum project Kanban board: product owner, Scrum supervisor, Scrum team members and other stakeholders. A Scrum project usually includes multiple iterations, and each iteration usually lasts 2-4 weeks. The key elements of Scrum include: Scrum roles, outputs and meetings, as well as some guidelines and rules.

In order to start a Scrum project, the product owner creates, optimizes, and prioritizes the wish list items, makes them a requirement, and keeps it in the demand backlog. Through the planning meeting, the Scrum team decides how many items in the demand backlog will be developed during the iteration. Every day of the iteration, the team gathers together and holds a daily iteration meeting. During the iteration, the Scrum master (team leader) tries to remove all blockers so that the Scrum team can continue to work. At the end of the iteration, the team shows the developed features to team members and other stakeholders, and these potential features may be candidates for release. At the end of the iteration, an iteration review meeting will also be held.

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