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Use Scrum Kanban to speed up trading system development

Scrum Kanban can enhance the requirement change adaptability of the development team.

Banks use Scrum Kanban to develop trading systems mainly for agility. With Scrum Kanban, the development team is doing their development work in parallel, rather than in serial. Developers can write code "immediately" without waiting for the answers for all their questions.

Everything is flexible and changeable throughout the life cycle of the project and even afterwards. The same is true for the ongoing code testing (not just at the end after all coding is completed).

Use Scrum Kanban to make adjustments. Scrum Kanban supports changes to the trading system and integrates them into currently ongoing projects. In Scrum Kanban, the project scope is variable, but time and cost remain unchanged. The main difference between this and the traditional trading system development method is that the development scope of the trading system is constant (changes are not allowed, but time and cost are variable).

With Scrum Kanban, trading system development activities are prioritized in order of importance, which usually means that the activities completed first may have the greatest impact on the return on investment.

Release the “finished” parts of the high priority work in sprints. Some parts of the product are released faster than traditional projects, where all completed work is released at the end of the project.

Trading system projects being managed using Scrum Kanban can increase customer/user satisfaction. The key reason for this is that users can get the available part of the finished product faster. Then they can try what they have received and report the findings. This is a key factor in the overall success of the project.

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