Rely on the product development Kanban to deal with the instability of product demand caused by the continuous changes in the market

Use cross-functional team self-organization methods to provide a high degree of visualization of team work results, and use team built-in capabilities to respond to continuous changes.

The product development Kanban can provide the following assistance to your project:

  • The team has built-in ability to deal with instability -- In the traditional method, people are very rigid about the work plan, and it takes a lot of time to re-plan and arrange when they encounter changes. The product development Kanban can provide the team with goals or strategies while allowing them to figure out their own methods.
  • Self-organized R&D team-the team has the ability to self-organize under the following three conditions: Autonomy -- It is fully proved that people are more serious about their commitments than others do on their behalf. Product development Kanban can help the development team of a company make its own decisions.
  • Self-transcendence and cross-functional R&D team -- Product R&D Kanban is based on empirical process theory, which helps integrate different functional professions, provides a mutually beneficial work platform and maximum transparency, a project composed of members with thought processes and behavior patterns The team develops new products.
  • Overlapping development stages -- In the traditional "waterfall" or "relay" methodology, a bottleneck at a certain stage may slow down or even stop the entire development process. Under the "rugby" approach, there is a large overlap between the different stages, which allows the team to absorb the vibration or noise generated during the entire development process. The team follows an overlapping approach, where team members deal with the product backlog, and each member overlaps each other in different life cycle stages. It makes it possible to share responsibilities and cooperation, highlight the focus of problem solving, encourage proactive action and develop various skills. Working in an overlapping development phase environment requires cross-functional teams, while eliminating traditional concepts about division of labor.
Visualization increases accountability, transparency, and collaboration across teams
Streamline management. Boost productivity. Grow confidently.
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