No company can do without employee leave management that may seem simple but actually very tedious and error-prone. When the number of employees is increasing, there are more and more leave-related problems and enterprises need a practical system to manage employee leave. HCM provides a complete leave management module for easy and efficient management of various employee leave issues. The module is connected with other HCM application modules (such as employee information, compensation and benefits, attendance and payroll) in real time. All data is summarized and updated in real time as well to help companies identify problems from a global perspective, obtain comprehensive and reliable information more easily, and make accurate decisions quickly.

HCM provides the following employee leave management functions:

  • Leave type management
  • Leave policy settings
  • Leave approval process management
  • Leave usage tracking
  • Real-time leave information report
Leave Type Management

Each company has different types of employee leave. HCM provides a variety of customization mechanisms to help companies flexibly set and manage different leave types. It supports users to customize different leave types and calculation methods of different leave types. The system will automatically calculate the number of leave days and validity periods that each employee can enjoy according to the calculation policies.

HCM supports the management of the following employee leave types:

  • Support to set each employees leave type and its calculation method (e.g. paid annual leave, personal leave, sick leave and maternity leave)
  • Support to set the effective date and the specific number of days for the leave type
  • Support to set the policies of leave types
  • The system automatically calculates the usage of different types of leaves according to the policies
  • Employees can find leave usage for each type by type
Leave Policy Settings

Enterprises will formulate different leave policies according to the specific conditions of the company and employees, so that its policies can be better implemented, and employees can enjoy holidays better and more conveniently. HCM supports setting different leave policies for different employment types. Different types of leaves can have different calculation policies, and each can have multiple versions. Managers are able to view all historical versions at any time to provide a reliable and effective reference for future work.

HCM supports the following leave policy settings:

  • Customize calculation policies for each leave type
  • Set policies for early or late use of leave
  • Automatically generate and save the effective version of each leave type for future reference
  • Set different leave calculation policies and effective dates for employees of different employment types
  • Support to increase/decrease leaves in batches, and set the leave cycle of employees in batches (such as the start and end dates of each year, etc.)
Leave Approval Process Management

Employees need to have a corresponding review and approval process to ask for leave, so that HR personnel and their bosses can clearly understand the reasons for employees' leave and the time of leave, and managers can better arrange work and allocate resources. HCM supports leave application and approval via computers and mobile devices (such as mobile phones) that can be operated anytime, anywhere. It allows users to set different approval policies and processes for different leave types. Different approval flows can also be set for leave applications of different employment types. Various flexible custom approval flows can truly meet the actual needs of enterprises.

HCM supports the following leave approval process management:

  • Submit leave application and approval online
  • Leave application and approval can be submitted through mobile devices (mobile phones, etc.)
  • Set up leave application approval processes for different employment types
  • Set up leave application approval processes for different employment types
  • Automatically send emails to notify approvers to approve in a timely manner
  • Automatically send emails to notify applicants of leave approval status
  • The approval time can be set, and an email alert will be sent automatically if the approval is not overdue.
Leave Usage Tracking

HR personnel need to know the leave usage of each employee for attendance and salary statistics. Managers need to know the leave status of employees to better allocate work, while employees want to know their leave usage to better plan leaves. HCM can track the leave usage of each employee, and provide a leave calendar and detailed usage reports so that employees can view the leave usage in real time, and managers can clearly understand the leave status of their subordinates, so as to better arrange and adjust each resource work.

HCM supports the following leave usage tracking:

  • Track approval of employee leave requests
  • Track the actual number of days off for employee leaves
  • Automatically aggregate statistics on employee leave usage
  • Provide detailed leave usage reports, which can be queried according to different search criteria
  • Provide a leave calendar that clearly shows when employees start and end their leave
  • Managers can view the leave status of all their subordinates and their leave calendars to better allocate resources
Leave Adjustment

Affected by various factors (such as national policy adjustments, employee working years, changes in company benefits, etc.), employees’ leave will not remain unchanged. The leave management system should be able to meet the needs of leave changes and adjustments. HCM can flexibly adjust employee leave as needed, and supports batch adjustment. The system will automatically save all adjustment records so that users can understand the history of all leave adjustments and provide an effective reference for future leave management.

HCM supports the following leave adjustments:

  • Batch adjustment of effective dates for different leave types
  • Batch adjustment of calculation periods for different leave types
  • Record the reason for each leave adjustment for later reference
  • Batch selection of specific employees for each leave adjustment
  • Set the type of adjustment as needed (such as adjustment base, increase, decrease, etc.)
  • Batch adjust the calculation period of leave for different employment types, add, subtract or transfer days (accurate to the hour)
Real-time Leave Information Report

If there are only dozens or hundreds of employees, HR personnel and managers can remember the start and end dates of employees’ leave. If there are thousands of employees, it is difficult to remember this information clearly. At this time, it is necessary to rely on the system to gain reliable and accurate information. HCM can track the leave usage of each employee and provide various leave information reports. Users can customize the search criteria to automatically generate the required reports, so that they can quickly and accurately understand the leave status of employees.

HCM provides the following leave information reports:

  • Leave Monthly Usage Report
  • Leave Balance Report
  • Leave Summary Report
  • Leave Detailed Report
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