Optimize employee time management and improve employee performance

Time is capital. Scientific and reasonable management of employees working hours and attendance can better improve their work efficiency and performance, and fully mobilize their enthusiasm for work. HCM can help enterprises to grasp the accurate working hours and attendance information of employees in a more timely and comprehensive manner, efficiently record and evaluate the work efficiency and attendance results of employees, and continuously improve their performance. Employees can record, submit and view time and attendance information through self-service, while managers can have a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of the schedule and workload of each member of the team through subordinate timesheets and resource calendars, and quickly make better work arrangements.

Attendance Policy Settings

Different industries, companies, and regions may have different working hours and cycles. HCM supports users to set working hours and attendance policies applicable to their enterprises, such as setting different work schedules for different administrative regions and different attendance assessment standards for different employment types. The system provides a flexible setting mechanism, so the user can quickly and easily set and select the required working cycle and start date. Enterprises can also set overtime hours, the submission policies of timesheets, the reporting policies of timesheets, the upper and lower limits of overtime hours, the conversion of overtime hours and wages, etc.

HCM attendance policies mainly include:

  • Different working hours and working cycles can be set in different regions
  • Employees of different employment types can set different working hours and cycles
  • Different attendance assessment standards can be set for employees of different employment types
  • The specific start date of the working cycle can be set as required
  • Overtime hours and upper and lower limits for overtime hours can be set as needed
  • The conversion policies for overtime hours and wages can be set as needed
  • Timesheet submission and approval policies can be set as needed
Attendance Data Batch Processing

If there are thousands of employees, attendance data must be processed by automated systems, because manual entry is laborious and error-prone. HCM supports importing employee punch-in and punch-out and overtime records through Excel templates, or connecting with the company's existing attendance punch machines through system integration. The data of the machine will be automatically recorded into the database of , which not only reduces the workload of the user and improves the work efficiency, but also ensures the timeliness and accuracy of the data.

HCM attendance data processing mainly includes:

  • Provide Excel template to import attendance data in batches
  • Export attendance data in Excel or PDF format in batches
  • Support seamless connection with the company's attendance punch machine
  • The system automatically records the integrated attendance machine data
Employee Timesheets and Resource Calendars

HCM helps businesses manage employees' work schedules and working hours flexibly. It provides the timesheet function to support the definition of different job types (eg., project work, recruitment, consulting), and to track the working hours of employees according to different job types. At the same time, the system provides a resource calendar function. Managers can view all work arrangements of subordinates in real time, and can directly assign tasks to subordinates on the resource calendar page according to their schedules, while employees can arrange their own working time and tasks through the resource calendar. The system also supports setting up corresponding resource calendars for different employees to define their working hours and holidays, helping companies efficiently manage the working hours and work schedules of employees from different countries and regions and of different types.

HCM Timesheet and Resource Calendar functions mainly include:

  • Configurable timesheets for projects and non-projects
  • Definable different job types and subtypes
  • Real-time tracking of employee hours according to different job types
  • View all work schedules of employees and assign tasks
  • Adjustable employee work schedules and assignments
Attendance Exception Management

Absence from work, late arrival and early departure are common phenomena of attendance. HCM supports the management of abnormal attendance situations. The system records the attendance status of each employee in real time. If there is a missed punch, or the punch time is asymmetrical with the working time, the system will highlight it and issue an alert for the personnel specialist to follow up. Every abnormal attendance adjustment system will track records for future review, reducing the risk of human error operation.

HCM attendance exception management mainly includes:

  • Manage absences
  • Manage late arrivals and early departures
  • Manage missed or incorrect clocks
  • Automatically track and archive abnormal attendance adjustment records
Duty Roster Management

HCM supports duty roster management. Users can preset duty roster policies (such as frequency, sequence and cycle) as needed, and set employees who participate or do not participate in duty rosters. They can also set duty rosters by month/quarter/year. The system that supports three shifts scheduling can automatically generate duty rosters according to the schedule. Employees can check their schedule information online, and managers can view the specific schedule of employees and make adjustments. What is more, the system records and tracks all duty roster history for search and reference.

HCM duty roster management mainly includes:

  • Set the frequency and method as needed, and specify the scheduling personnel
  • Set different shift schedules as needed, and support three-shift scheduling
  • The system automatically generates shift schedules and duty rosters according to preset policies
  • The system automatically provides attendance reports to track the attendance of employees on duty
  • The system automatically sends a notification to the on-duty staff involved in the scheduling
  • Employees can check their schedule and duty information online
Attendance report

HCM provides rich multi-dimensional comprehensive attendance reports to track employees working hours and attendance in real time. Users can select different search criteria through the point-and-click report generator, and then the system will automatically generate the required reports. Managers can clearly understand the work arrangements and specific workload of employees through various reports, so they can decompress and adjust their workload of overloaded employees in time and appropriately arrange tasks for employees who have more idle time. HCM can truly and effectively help companies achieve refined working hours and attendance management, allowing employees to continuously create more value for the company.

HCM attendance report mainly includes:

  • Frequency of employee lateness
  • Frequency of employees leaving early
  • Employee leave frequency and days
  • Employees time report
  • Time reports for different job types
  • Working hours expense classification report
  • Project time report

All reports can be exported to Excel or PDF files for quick filing and emailing.

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