IT & non-IT industries

With IT as a critical function supporting the daily operations of businesses, it’s not surprising that 71% of organizations have either started or are planning to use ITSM capabilities outside of IT. Those who have already adopted ITSM for non-IT services found that ITSM is highly applicable to non-IT services.

By adopting 8Manage ITSM for IT and non-IT services, you can gain the following benefits:

Workflows become more efficient

Using 8Manage ITSM, your workflows can be better optimized, and resources properly allocated, increasing efficiency, and helping you yield the best results possible.

Overall productivity improves

Efficient workflows help both your organization and employees work more productively. For example, if issues are promptly resolved, there’ll be fewer frustrations and interruptions, which results in the quality improvement of the service to customers, and better company productivity.

It saves time and money

As organizations scale and progress, demand for services naturally increases, driving up time and financial spending. By utilizing 8Manage ITSM, you can create a system that will grow with you while keeping these costs down.

Everyone becomes more accountable

8Manage ITSM outlines the key responsibilities of different teams or individuals involved. Transparency helps make everyone more accountable in their roles. Not only is this necessary for legislative compliance but also builds trusting relationships with your partners and customers.

It encourages employee communication and collaboration

Having all the latest chat or collaboration tools doesn’t necessarily equate to effective communication and teamwork. In fact, they can sometimes be quite overwhelming! Setting up processes for implementing and using these tools can greatly help everyone understand their purpose and how to take advantage of them.

Your organization can offer smoother customer service and experience

Whether it be your customer base or employees, 8Manage ITSM can highlight available opportunities to improve service delivery and increase end-user satisfaction.

It helps decrease risks

Change is a constant for many companies – and the larger the company is, the more risks are involved when they are implemented. Effective service management helps organizations plan and prepare for necessary changes, as well as the associated risks. The combination of procedures, policies and best practices you implement will help with successful change management.

It makes your business more resilient

As the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent shift to remote working have shown us, the way we work can change almost immediately. Organizations must always be ready to adapt to any challenges that come their way. 8Manage ITSM can help businesses prepare for such unforeseen circumstances and pivot to different strategies when the situation requires it.

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