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Marketing Smarter with 8Manage CRM

8Manage provides one-stop marketing management solution to help you prepare, execute and analyze campaigns in an effective way. 8Manage does not only support Media Advertisement and Email/Mobile Marketing, but also Social Marketing which allows you to expand your target audience and engage your existing customers and partners in the right circumstance and at the right time to aid your marketing.


For content management, 8Manage supports both the mass marketing and the personalized marketing content management. It provides support from content creation to content delivery to ensure the right message is delivered through the right channel at the right time to the right audience.


8Manage can make your marketing yield twice the result with half the effort.

Marketing Plan and Budget Management

In campaign management, a good plan is half of the success. 8Manage provides flexible and customizable workflow and control policies to maximize your marketing results within your budget.


Since a marketer must put the money on where it counts the most, 8Manage provides you the following features to help you establish budgets and track results:

  • Setting up goals and themes
  • Planning activities and setting up approval flow
  • Defining customer segmentation
  • Defining marketing channels and execution methods
  • Auto calculation and tracking of marketing cost
1-on-1 Personalized Email/Mobile Marketing Campaign

8Manage supports encrypted Email/Mobile Marketing. It provides the easy-to-use drag-and-drop content editor to help you create contents. With its built-in testing and sending capabilities, you can select the right contents for your target potential customers and set up the appropriate batches and time for sending. And 8Manage will keep tabs on every email campaign in real-time to generate the graphical analysis reports. In addition, 8Manage is able to detect the unsubscribers and automatically filter them out from the sending lists for the future.


8Manage’s 1-on-1 personalized email/mobile marketing campaign functionality is summarized as follows:

  • Powerful tools for creating, engaging and marketing contents
  • Bulk-import of recipients or choose the existing recipients in bulk
  • Real-time tracking of sending results and transactional messages
  • Providing graphical reports for analysis
  • Built-in testing capabilities and unsubscribing mechanism
  • Auto filtering out of unsubscribers
Social Media Marketing

8Manage helps you push new product information, promotional offers, coupons, customer surveys etc. to your targeted customers via mobile internet in anywhere at anytime.

Your customers may interact with mobile social medias every day and 8Manage provide you the following features to optimize your marketing to your target customers using these social medias at the larger scale.

  • Providing mobile app and connect with the social Wechat
  • Execute target audience community management and social analysis
  • Auto sending out the ready-made SMS, MMS to customers
  • Real-time tracking of your digital marketing progress and results
  • Carrying out eSurveys via mobile app and collecting the feedback into CRM data
Marketing Execution and Result Management

8Manage provides you a single view of all your marketing campaigns so that you see the whole picture of your marketing efforts and their progress. All the information is a zero-delay and automatically aggregated, consistent and holistic representation of the data according to the preset conditions. You can use the following features and leverage the agile and comprehensive information to identify or create business opportunities and make wiser decisions:

  • Tracking cost and results of marketing campaigns
  • Monitoring of the delivery situation of every sending out message
  • Tracking the progress and results of marketing activities
  • Providing marketing performance reports for analysis
  • Providing exclusive and real-time marketing map
Managing Your Marketing ROI

Every marketer knows that ROI is the touchstone of marketing performance. 8Manage provides you the following features to track and calculate the ROI of every marketing campaign in real-time, and provide you a dynamic deviation analysis of the budget and actual cost. With the business map, you can drill down to get the cost detail information and results of each campaign:

  • Analysis of budget and actual cost
  • Measuring the performance of each marketing campaign
  • Tracking and calculating the actual cost and return of investment
  • A complete picture of marketing performance with drill-downed details
Marketing Intelligence

Big data will transform the way we think and work. For marketers, harnessing complex data sets about their target audience could produce better campaigns and enhance their competitive advantage. 8Manage’s built-in business intelligence tools capture, calculate and analyze big data to generate graphical reports, turn the data into insights that you can act on.

Digital marketing involves more channels, platforms, audience segments and promotion methods than ever before. 8Manage provides you the following features and reports to deal with complex channels, platforms and audience segments:

  • Automatic soliciting information via eSurvey
  • Calculating and analyzing marketing campaigns
  • Providing graphical and comprehensive reports
  • Analyzing customers’ preferences and buying behavior
  • Analyzing the popularity of each product
  • Analyzing channels, platforms and audience segments