Information System Security Laboratory, State Grid Electric Power Research Institute
After launching the All-in-one, the Information System Security Laboratory of State Grid Electric Power Research Institute has strengthened the management and control of outsourcing projects in terms of progress, documents, and costs.
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State Grid Electric Power Research Institute Information System Security Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as "State Grid Laboratory") is a laboratory established by China Electric Power Research Institute, a scientific research unit directly under State Grid Corporation of China. State Grid Corporation of China was established on December 29, 2002. It is an institution approved by the State Council to invest in state-authorized institutions and a pilot unit of a state-controlled company. Its core business is the construction and operation of power grids. Its business area covers 26 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) across the country. ), covering 88% of the countrys land area. 

Established in 1951, China Electric Power Research Institute is a multidisciplinary and comprehensive scientific research institution in Chinas electric power industry. Research on construction technology, power distribution technology, new energy, new materials, power electronics, information and communication, energy efficiency evaluation, and energy conservation, covering all aspects of electric power science and related fields. As a laboratory under the China Academy of Electric Power Sciences, the main task of the State Grid Laboratory is to carry out information system security defense and emergency response technology research, information security evaluation and monitoring technology research, and information security strategy, intelligence and standard research. After launching All-in-one, the State Grid Laboratory has opened up business and project management, improving the efficiency of enterprise operations.

The key issue

In the process of dedicating to the research of information system security technology, there are still many outsourcing projects in the State Grid Laboratory. For these outsourced projects, since the project data and operation information are all in the hands of the outsourcer, it is difficult for the State Grid Laboratory to know the implementation status of the project in real time, and problems are prone to occur in the management and control of outsourced projects.

First of all, business management and project management processes are disconnected, and the two cannot be well linked. Financial personnel cannot perform corresponding financial activities such as invoicing, collection and payment in a timely manner, and there are delays in invoice issuance and receivable payments. Expenses are prone to deviations and fall short of expected profits.

Secondly, the project is in the hands of the supplier. From project initiation to implementation to closing, the entire project process is hidden from the State Grid Laboratory. The management cannot know how the supplier operates the project and the operating benefits of the project. How, poses a threat to its effective management and control of the entire business operation of the enterprise.

Finally, various documents will always be generated during project operation. These documents belong to the knowledge accumulation of the project and are a very valuable spiritual wealth for the State Grid Laboratory. However, due to the outsourcing of the project to suppliers, these knowledge documents are scattered among suppliers, and it is very difficult to collect them.


For the problems encountered in the management of the State Grid Laboratory, provides a targeted solution with a high degree of product function fit. With the help of the advanced information management means of the All-in-one system, the State Grid Laboratory has opened up the business management and project management processes, and realized the standardized management of outsourcing projects. The project progress, project costs, project results, and project documents are all under strong control. The improvement of enterprise management efficiency.

Business and project integrated management, financial work in place in time. In order to help the State Grid Laboratory solve the problems existing in management, All-in-one provides an integrated solution covering several major modules such as customer contract management, project management, and supplier contract management. Realize the integrated management of business and projects on the platform. Through the function of contract budget and actual cost, State Grid Laboratory can register contract cost budget, income budget and actual project cost in the system in real time, and automatically count the balance of contract cost to realize real-time control of project cost. At the same time, financial personnel can also log in to the system to check the progress of invoice issuance and receivable payment in real time, and know which contracts have not been invoiced and payment has not been received, and carry out corresponding financial work in real time.

Follow up the implementation of the project in real time, and the progress of the project is clear. For the situation that the project in the hands of the outsourcer cannot be monitored, All-in-one provides a powerful project management process for the State Grid Laboratory, from creating the project to formulating the project plan, planning the construction period, assigning the person in charge, and allocating the project budget. Achievement review and other project planning behaviors, successfully grasp the whole process of the project, with the help of Gantt charts, project progress feedback, indicator management and other indicators, as well as daily project monitoring tools such as "my Project" components, project WBS, project overview, reports, etc., State Grid The projects outsourced by the laboratory to suppliers are no longer secretive, the implementation status of the projects is clear at a glance, and the control is strengthened.

Project data is managed centrally, and project knowledge deposits are preserved. For the project materials scattered in the hands of various outsourcers, supports the document library management function to collect and classify project-related documents in a unified manner, and ensure the security of project documents through strict document authority control. At the same time, also supports project template management, solidifying the excellent project management practices of the State Grid Laboratory in the form of templates, so that project knowledge accumulation can be preserved and passed on. After the All-in-one system was launched, the original scattered project data of the State Grid Laboratory was preserved in an orderly manner, and there were traces to follow, which promoted the inheritance of project management knowledge.

After the All-in-one system was launched, the outsourced projects of the State Grid Laboratory were managed in a standardized manner, and project documents were also stored in a standardized manner. The contracts of customers and suppliers were also run in an orderly manner on their own tracks, and the operating efficiency of the enterprise was greatly improved. Next, I believe that with the continued assistance of , the State Grid Laboratory will surely be able to achieve more breakthroughs in technological innovation and lead the technological frontier of the industry.
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