Project Document Mgt.

EDMS provides you with the following features for project document management:

Document sharing: Whether thatĺs working together on a project or reviewing a newly-documented process, EDMS allows team members to create their documents and obtain approvals, and share them with others in a secure manner.

Project workflows: EDMS is integrated with project work breakdown structure (WBS) and can directly connect to project activity documents in real-time. The project team members can easily create and share any project documents according to the project WBS. The operations staff (e.g., service staff) can easily find the same documents according to the EDMS indices.

Robust security: EDMS is at the same security level as e-Banking, using secure SSL and a one-time password. It also supports daily backup and recovery.

Using EDMS for managing project documents, you can gain the following benefits:

Documentation planning: Using EDMS to plan your project documents with library and folder structure and document templates will give you a solid foundation right from the get-go.

Find information easily: With EDMS, there is no need to flick back and forth between various sources and thereĺs no confusion about where certain documents are saved.

Version control: EDMS allows your teams to track and review past versions of the same project documents. It creates an audit trail so your teams can see what changes have been made and who made them. Changes become more apparent with version control and it also makes it easier for leaders and managers to spot errors.

Standardized processes: Sending disjoined emails and direct messages doesnĺt exactly start your process off on the right foot. Standardized processes would keep your team working on the same page. Even if thereĺs a mixture of departments working on a single project, everyone follows the same process.

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