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Enterprise Digitalization

About 4.2 billion people or 55.5% of the world’s population are using the internet and majority of them are also connected on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WeChat etc. . It is a huge market for enterprise to penetrate.  Digital Transformation offers endless opportunities and benefits such as improved real-time interaction with customers, accurate insights, better inventory management, accessing new customer segments, higher productivity, better resource allocation, effective forecasting and efficient business decisions.   Digitalization is changing the fundamentals of competition in many sectors. 8Manage was designed to help:

  • Startups to be born digital
  • Incumbent companies to be transformed to full digital
  • Companies make use of agility & micro behavior statistics to compete in the new era

Automation, Digitalization & Integrated Mgt

Most enterprises are at the lowest 2 levels of automation, digitization and integrated mgt today and not prepare themselves well for the digital era. 8Manage would allow them to move up to the 3rd, 4th or 5th level of automation, digitalization and integrated mgt.

When an enterprise reaches the 3rd level of automation, digitalization and integrated mgt, it would achieve the highest level of decision support and managerial efficiency for its business operations. When an enterprise reaches the 4th level, it would be able to make optimized decisions and achieve the highest level of business operations efficiency across its clients and business partners . When an enterprise reaches the 5th level, it would be able to collect micro behavior statistics of its employees, clients and business partners and use the data for deep learning for recognizing and predicting patterns and automatically selecting or devising methods for optimized results.

Integrated Practices

Integrated practices such as integrated planning and execution are proven to foster big picture wisdom, open-mindedness and flexibility in individuals and communities. One of biggest barriers to integrated practices is system boundaries which stop the information flow and create silo mentality for the people. In other words, silo systems promote silo mentality.


The root cause of an enterprise having silo systems is the creators of the systems had silo mentality themselves. For example, the creators of the CRM system of an enterprise might or might not know project mgt practices enough to produce a CRM system which is well integrated with the project mgt system of the enterprise. The typical approach is that the creators of the CRM systems based on what they know would create some project mgt features in the CRM system which are most likely duplicated and inconsistent with the project mgt system used or needed by the enterprise. Worse, sometimes even their terminologies (such as one called task and another one called activity) are different. When systems weren’t from day one designed to work together, it is a silo vision itself.


The 8Manage modules (see below) were from day one designed to work together and shared the same data model. The development of the 8Manage modules by no mean was easy. It had taken us over 10 years time and to develop and to roll-out to over to 300 enterprises in order to get to their level of maturity today.

In 8Manage, the CRM module combines with the PPM module will allow the sales team to conduct sales projects under the general project mgt disciplines of the enterprise. When the CRM module combines with the SPM module, the operations team can conduct sales order based procurement. When the SPM module combines with the PPM module, the procurement team can conduct project-based procurement and the project team can submit purchase request and purchase order for its activities.


In 8Manage, turning on a new module requires only an authorization key but no need for additional hardware, system software or data conversion. Most importantly, every new module that you turn on is well-integrated with your existing 8Manage modules that you already in use.