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8Manage FAS
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Full Automation Suite (FAS) for SMB

Our new technology allows a small-to-medium size business to own and use its multiple enterprise management modules for the price of one. Each module consists of comprehensive and solid functionality which have been used by over 150 enterprises and proven. FAS was created with the latest open systems language and architecture (Java/J2EE/N-tier) and can run on mobile internet on your PC servers on premises or infrastructure and platform cloud that you rent and be accessed via browsers or mobile phones/pads in anywhere at anytime.

The older enterprise management application packages are so expensive to buy, customize, implement and maintain because of their old designs and technology baggage. FAS is customizable via the tools that we provide or the customization services done by us or our service partners.

8Manage FAS has comprehensive client mgmt, campaign mgmt, sales force automation and service mgmt functionality based on the latest technology and allows your clients to closely connect to your business and operations at anywhere at anytime. Using 8Manage FAS, your clients can request and receive and your business and operations departments can generate quotations, sales orders, delivery notices and provide services at anywhere at anytime.

8Manage FAS customer loyalty programs and BI allow membership clients receive special cares, points and rewards and your business and operations departments to analyze customer buying patterns and behaviors and product performance.

Purchase Management

8Manage FAS supports comprehensive supplier mgmt, procurement planning, purchase requisition, purchase order, simple procurement contract, master-sub procurement contract, deliverable inspection and acceptance, received, goods inventory and goods return and credit note mgmt based on the latest technology and allows your suppliers and contractors to closer connect to your business and operations at anywhere at anytime. Using 8Manage FAS, your business and operations can request and receive and your suppliers and contractors can generate quotations, sales orders, delivery notices and provide services at anywhere at anytime.

8Manage FAS also support outsourcing mgmt and allow you to manage the negotiation, contracting, performance and finance of your outsourcing.

Project Management

8Manage FAS supports all 9 areas of project management defined in PMI PMBOK® using modern technology on mobile internet. This allows the project manager to view the selective elements (activities, resources, deliverables, dependencies, cost items and change items) of the project on one screen in real-time. This also allows all project team members to view the most up-to-date project plan associated with the latest change and status update in real-time. The project team members can submit their deliverables anywhere at anytime and activity and project status will be updated automatically in real-time. The biggest benefit of the automatic status update based on deliverable submission isn’t saving manual operation to update but the accuracy and timeliness of information for accountability mgmt for the project.

The comprehensiveness of functionality, real-time project information and strong tracking of status and accountability make 8Manage FAS ahead of a lot of project mgmt tools on the market.

Financial Management

8Manage FAS supports full financial mgmt functionality including budgeting and expensing, asset and liability accounting, account receivable and account payable tracking and financial statement generation (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement).

8Manage FAS directly connects to each revenue (POS, phone orders, eCommerce and contract) and cost (payroll, expense report, purchase, project and investment) transaction and can instantly update income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement and account receivable and account payable reports.

8Manage FAS can also trace each revenue or cost transaction with its associated campaign, opportunity, sales order, purchase order, contract or project and perform management accounting and allow the business managers to see the cause-and-effect relationship of each business event to the profit & loss, asset & liability and cash flow of the business unit and its lines of business or parent company.


8Manage FAS provides the tools for Recruitment, Employee Records, Attendance & Utilization, Compensation & Payroll, Benefits, Skill Mgmt & Training, E-learning, Performance, Leave and Employee Self-services; the automation it provides gives you better efficiency and control. More importantly, 8Manage provides you the framework to manage Group Learning & Information Capital, Structured Collaboration, Process & Execution Discipline and KPI & Commitment Management. With 8Manage FAS, your immediate needs will be met; your core competence will increase; and you will be able to manage and develop your human resources to their fullest potential. All of which will enable you to enjoy long-term competitive advantages.

For payroll management, 8Mange comes with pre-set settings for immediate use. If the labor or tax rules change, the payroll manager is able to change the payroll calculation formulas with the visual setting tool.

Office Automation & EDMS

8Manage FAS has the new generation office automation functionality which automatically connects to CRM, HCM and PM enabling the underlying data to interlink with each other. 

8Manage FAS provides a generic form and user-defined workflow facility to allow users to create different notification and request forms for reviews, comments and approvals. It also provides the Employee Portal for each employee.  

In the Employee Portal, the employee can access to different facilities such as:
  • Office Equipment Request
  • Off Hour Building Entry Request
  • Parking Permit Request
  • Transportation Request
  • Facility Request
  • Book Borrowing & Returning
  • Award Nomination

8Manage FAS also provides a powerful Electronic Document Management system which supports the following:

  • Folder management
  • Intra-department & inter-department approval flow
  • Inter-company approval flow
  • Document library template
  • Version management
  • Concurrent authoring control
  • Full text search
  • User-defined navigation flow
  • App-and-browser-based access