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The more stores that you have, the more assets that you will have to win over your competitors in the O2O markets. We want to be your technology provider or partner and assist you on the technology and experience that you might not have in the O2O markets.


8Manage eERP provides you the complete solution that you need to manage your O2O business:


8Manage eERP was designed to deal with both offline and online entities, people, products, services and channels. It can connect your clients, suppliers, agencies, distributors, employees, products and services together through eCatalog & eOrder, eCRM, & eMembership, eSupplier & eProcurement , eSettlement, Distributed Store Mgmt, Production Mgt, eWarehouse & eInventory , eService, eHCM and eFinancial Mgt.

Client Management

8Manage eERP was developed with the latest technology, embedded with best practice processes that quietly operate in the background; giving guidance and alerts from time to time, and yet allowing you to acquire new clients and keep your existing clients satisfied. 8Manage will help you get to know your clients intimately; what they like and dislike; what they’ve bought and planned to buy. If they don’t know exactly what they want, you will have the knowledge and details to help them decide. Your clients will feel pampered and be satisfied. 

8Manage eERP also provides you the following capabilities:

  • Marketing automation
  • Sales force automation
  • Customer service automation 


Effective marketing can be performed based on the wealth of client information that 8Manage helps you to collect overtime. Sales Force Automation allows you to manage each opportunity closely and Custom Service Automation allows you to track service quality and client satisfaction.

Client Order & Contract Management

For selling standardized products, 8Manage eERP Order provides straight-through processing from quotation and inventory check to fulfillment and return management. For selling sophisticated products ands services, 8Manage  eERP Contract provides different pricing methods and a framework to set up milestones, service level agreements and measurements. It also allows you to link payment terms to milestones and rewards and/or penalties to service level agreements; it helps you to track milestones, resources, deliverable quality, revenues and costs in real-time during contract execution.


8Manage eERP allows you to generate invoices from orders and contracts in automatic or manual mode and track payments. It also allows you to link order and contract financials to groups and aggregation will be automatically performed from the lower level groups to the higher-level groups and eventually from the higher-level groups to the corporate.

Client Service Management

8Manage eERP offers a rich mix of service options that you can mixand match to deliver quicker, better, and more-efficient customer service. Standard Service is efficient and cost effective, while the Personalized Service will provide the extra, personal attention that VIP customers expect to receive. 8Manage is also an excellent tool for service representatives. Comprehensive, up-to-the-minute and easily accessible information such as client profiles, transaction history, product catalogues and service knowledge base is available to support customer service representatives.


8Manage eERP provides for the tracking of how well your clients are served by your service representatives. These measures enable you to proactively address issues before they occur and continually improve service performance for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Product Management

8Manage eERP provides the framework and the following features to manage finished products:

  • Product demand forecasting
  • Product target margin setting based on different markets or lines of business
  • Product pricing based on competitor price or cost
  • Different prices for different markets or lines of business
  • Product price control to ensure that products that are being ordered are within reasonable price ranges
  • Product material & inventory management
  • Product bundling and unbundling
  • Product performance analysis
  • Product pick-pack-ship management
  • Product return management


8Manage eERP also supports different product types such as software products, which are always available, and network products, which are bandwidth/capacity oriented.

Inventory Management

8Manage eERP helps manage raw materials, work-in-process materials and finished products which need to be ordered, stored, processed and transferred to and in multiple sites and warehouses.

8Manage is a multi-currency system and provides the following features:

  • Demand forecasting
  • Purchase plan and purchase order
  • Logistics cost calculation
  • Receipt of goods
  • Return of goods to supplier
  • Serial number tracking
  • Warranty & expiration tracking
  • Material request, approval and delivery
  • Stock transfer and tracking
  • Inventory counting & update
  • Inventory financial accounting


Users can perform searches in real-time and generate up-to-the-minute reports.

Production Management

8Manage eERP allows production managers to define the production work steps for each product or product component. Each production is controlled by a production order which is linked to the sales order(s) or contract(s) and inventory. Each work step in the production order has the following controlled mechanisms defined and the system will automatically collect and track their daily execution records:

  • Leader(s) and workers
  • Quality standard
  • Input material
  • Wasted material
  • Output material
  • Returned material
  • Quality control points
  • Quality deviation & rework


Based on the production order, the production managers can track progress (e.g., % of complete), material shortfall, schedule deviation, cost deviation and quality deviation. 8Manage provides the standard labor, material, progress, QC and cost reports. It also provides a point-and-click report generator to allow the generation of custom reports.

Integrated Sales, Material & Production Management

8Manage eERP allows raw materials, product components and finished products to be managed in a systematic fashion; information about their demans is generated automatically from the embedded bill-ofmaterial in sales opportunities and sales orders in real-time. 8Manage can track bill-of-material changes and cost impact through pre-sales, contract signing and manufacturing.

During the manufacturing phase, 8Manage eERP provides both production project management and change management facilities to assist manufacturing management. Bill-of-material is linked to each production project to facilitate integrated management of material availability, activity time and manufacturing schedule. Bill-of-material can be locked or unlocked with tracking turned on. When changes occur, 8Manage eERP will recalculate cost, determine margin impact and alert people in real-time. The cost and margin impact will also be automatically reflected in the relevant sales opportunities, sales orders and manufacturing projects.

Supplier & Procurement Management

8Manage eERP automates the strategic sourcing process to create greater procurement intelligence and negotiation power and avert unnecessary human interventions which could result in confidentially issues.

It automates transaction procurement activities to achieve higher levels of efficiency, compliance and cost-savings. 8Manage provides the following features:

  • Supplier information management
  • Purchase plan management
  • LPre-selection management
  • Tender management
  • Purchase order and contract management
  • Supplier relationship management


In addition, 8Manage eERP  provides Engagement Management to help manage the planning and acquisition of sophisticated products and services in both the pre-purchase and post-purchase stages.

Tender Management

8Manage eERP provides an effective framework for creating plans and strategies for different types of tenders. It supports the end-to-end process of eTendering and tracks the following:

  • Short listing
  • Document preparation
  • Issuing
  • Responses form Supplier
  • Evaluation
  • Final Selection
  • Announcement


8Manage eERP provides web access for tender solicitation, communication and submission for all parties. Each bidder can log into the system and access the identical info.

  • Tender information is electronically available to every bidders at he same time.
  • Every bidder will receive the same Q&A information at the same timefrom electronic discussion forum.
  • Each bidder can submit its tender response to the system; the system will automatically cut off submissions at the deadline.
Outsourcing Management

8Manage eERP manages outsourcing in 4 stages, namely Goal Management, Discovery & Strategy Management, Transition Management and Monitoring, Tracking & Acceptance. The goal-setting phase has the greatest influence on the success or failure of an outsourcing initiative. The establishment of unrealistic or vague goals will result in shortfall in management expectations during execution. Discovery is the process of documenting the environment to be outsourced. In 8Manage, multiple discoveries allow goals to link to activities to ensure they are executed according to plan. Transition is the process of moving from the insourced environment to the outsourced environment. Beyond Transition Management, 8Manage offers best practice to monitor progress, track deliverables and document acceptance records.

HR & Payroll Management

8Manage eERP provides the tools for Recruitment, Employee Records, Attendance & Utilization, Compensation & Payroll, Benefits, Training & Performance, Leave and Employee Self-services; the automation it provides gives you better efficiency and control. More importantly, 8Manage provides you the framework to manage Group Learning & Information Capital, Structured Collaboration, Process & Execution Discipline and KPI & Commitment Management. With 8Manage, your immediate needs will be met; your core competence will increase; and you will be able to manage and develop your human resources to their fullest potential. All of which will enable you to enjoy long-term competitive advantages.


For payroll management, 8Manage eERP comes with pre-set settings for immediate use. If the labor or tax rules change, the payroll manager is able to change the payroll calculation formulas with the visual setting tool.

Finance Management

8Manage eERP provides the following different sub-ledgers and tools to help different user groups keep track of incomes and expenses:


  • Sales quote & budget management
  • Sales expense management
  • Sales revenue management

Contract & Order

  • Contract & order cost budgeting & tracking
  • Inventory cost management
  • Contract & order return and profitability management


  • Marketing budget planning & tracking
  • Campaign return management


  • Group budget planning
  • Group expense management
  • Group payroll management
  • Group profit & loss management
  • Group AP/AR
  • Group inventory & fixed asset management


8Manage eERP also provides a comprehensive set of pre-defined financial reports for each of the above areas.

Point-and-Click Report Generation

8Manage eERP provides a state-of-the-art point-and-click Report Generator to allow business users to simply point to any field or fields that they want to search and generate a report. The system will perform accordingly. The simple-to-use but powerful mechanisms allow the business user to (a) select whatever combination of fields that he wants for search and report and (b) specify the layout or display order of the fields to be displayed in the report. It also allows the user to select different types of statistics (e.g., SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX) to be included in the summary line of the report.


With the 8Manage Point-and-click Report Generator, business users no longer need to learn SQL or depend on the IT staff’s assistance before they can do data mining and report generation.

Document & Knowledge Management

8Manage eERP provides a complete Document Management System to allow you to archive and index documents into different libraries and folders of the document repository. It also provides a check-in and check-out and version control facility. The Document Management System can function as a standstone module or work together with other 8Manage application modules. For example, it is possible to automatically create a document library with folders preset according to a pre-defined library template for a contract or project. It also allows the selection of ad-hoc attachments in any contract and project to be converted and stored in the Document Management Library, and their reference links from the contract or project will be automatically updated.


8Manage eERP includes a knowledge classification mechanism by which documents are indexed and retrieved according to the knowledge classification defined by the enterprise.

OA & Employee Self Service

8Manage eERP provides a Generic Form and User-defined Workflow facility to allow users to create different notification and request forms for reviews, comments and approvals. It also provides the Employee Portal for each employee. In the Employee Portal, the employee can access to different facilities such as:

  • Work Item Dashboard
  • Work Calendar
  • Work Report
  • Expense
  • Benefit
  • Training
  • Announcement
  • Recruitment
  • Payroll Info
  • Equipment Request
  • Facility Booking
  • Profile & Delegation
  • Performance


In addition, 8Manage eERP allows each employee to define his workbench with which he can select real-time display components that are related to his work area.

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