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8Manage O2O
Combine Online & Offline Advantages
Speed & Flexibility

8Manage gives you the speed & flexibility to conduct your businesses and operations on-line and off-line. It allows you to combine and manage on-line and off-line marketing campaigns to maximize effectiveness. It also allows you to record and manage visitors, members, clients and partners for on-line and off-line during contacting, matching, transacting and servicing and design and manage loyalty programs to be used by them on-line and off-line. 8Manage can help you continuously increase client awareness, contact & matching, transacting, loyalty and advocacy for your O2O business and help you to achieve much higher retention and value delivery.

8Manage can manage high transaction volume online and punctual deliveries and settlements offline.

The more physical stores that you have, the more assets that you will have to win over your competitors in the O2O markets. We want to be your technology provider or partner and assist you on the technology and experience that you might not have in the O2O markets.

8Manage is an O2O platform product that is based on mobile internet technology and supports the following: 

  • Mobile Ads & Letters
  • Social Media Apps
  • eStorefront
  • eSelf-services & eSurvey

More importantly 8Manage also includes eERP2 to help turn your offline assets to be online and utilized effectively. 8Manage eERP2 was designed to deal with both offline and online entities, people, products, services and channels. It can connect your clients, suppliers, agencies, distributors, employees, products and services together through eCatalog & eOrder, eCRM, & eMembership, eSupplier & eProcurement , eSettlement, Distributed Store Mgmt, ERP (MRP2, HCM, G/L), eWarehouse & eInventory , eService and eFinancial Mgmt.