Electronic Document Mgt. System

Having a good electronic records management system will improve both internal efficiency and your overall business competitiveness. There’s nothing more distracting or frustrating than having piles of physical documents and files lying around. Not being able to find what you need could ultimately harm your reputation. An Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) will ensure records aren’t lost, and help you get any information or data you need quickly and reliably.

Having important technical and business documents scattered around different employees’ PCs and U-drives is not a good way to protect your business. Having an EDMS is the safest way to store documents and files. There have been a number of high-profile data breaches in recent years, and your business needs to protect sensitive financial information and trusted customer details with a secure system.

Powerful EDMS

provides a powerful Electronic Document Management system which supports the following:

  • User-defined document type
  • Central document repository
  • Folder management
  • Intra-department & inter-department approval flow
  • Inter-company approval flow
  • Document library template
  • Version management
  • Concurrent authoring control
  • Scanner, OCR and text recognition support
  • Full text search
  • User-defined navigation flow
  • Knowledge management
  • Mobility & mobile app access
  • Pre-built integration with CRM, SPM, PPM and other EDM
User-defined Document Types & Fields

allows the user to define different document types such as Business Plan, Legal Document, Engineering Notes and Memorandum and each with a different set of control fields. Control fields can be fields such as Purpose, Date, Responsible Party, Cost and Risk. supports the following different user-defined field types:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Date
  • Time
  • List
  • Radio
  • Checkbox
  • Yes/No
  • Currency Money
  • Score 1 to 10 and System Object

The user can also select certain user-defined fields to be part of the search criteria and/or their values to be shown as columns on the listing page.

Central Document Repository

provides the Central Document Repository for storing all documents. The user can define different document libraries depending on the needs. Each document library can have a hierarchy of folders with different user access privileges. The Central Document Repository provides the reliable storage of documents and can be backed up each day when the system is being backed up.

Folder Management

provides the Folder Hierarchy mechanism to allow the user to organize the documents in each document library. The responsible person of the document library can use the Folder Hierarchy to organize the documents and the document readers can navigate the Folder Hierarchy to find what documents are available.

Intra-department Document Approval Flow

allows the user to define multi-stage document approval flow and with multiple steps in each stage. also allows the user to specify what stages and steps will be executed in parallel and what stages and steps will be executed in serial. The user can also define when an approver rejects the document, the re-approval will start from the beginning or the rejection point.

Interdepartmental and Inter-company Document Approval Flow

Similar to the intra-department document approval flow, the user can define interdepartmental and inter-company document approval flow. Users from different departments and companies can do approval via login, email or smart phone.

Document Library Template

allows the user to define the Document Library Template which contains the Folder Hierarchy and document templates. This is very useful for encouraging consistency and enforcing standards for document management. For example, the enterprise can define Project Document Template so that each project will follow the standards.

Version Management

supports the revision concept and the latest version of the document will be retrieved by default. However, the user can select to access any previous version of the document.

Concurrent Authoring Control

provides the Check-in and Check-out mechanism for controlling concurrent authoring. When a document is being Check-out for editing by a user, all other users cannot Check-out the document for editing until the author finishes and Check-in the document. Once the author checks in the document, the document will be unlocked and another user can Check-out the document for editing.

Scanner, OCR & Text Recognition

supports different scanners and OCR devices. We also provide customization support for specific text pattern recognition and can also extract information from paper sources to feed to system objects.

Full Text Search

supports content-based search via full text search. The system allows the user to define equivalent keywords (e.g., infant is the same as baby) and be able to find all documents containing “baby” or “infant”.

User-defined Navigation Flow

allows user-defined navigation flow so that users who have the proper access privileges can follow the flow easily to access and process the information. The user can select a different graphical icon to represent each state of the document processing and then link them together with directional arrows. The user can design and change the flow by drag-and-drop of icons and arrows.

Knowledge Management

allows enterprise-defined knowledge classification and provides a powerful knowledge-based indexing and search mechanism to the user. is also fully integrated with CRM, SPM and PPM and besides the knowledge captured in documents, more powerful and integrated knowledge can be accessed via the CRM, SPM and PPM processes.

Mobility & Mobile App Access

EDMS is based on mobile internet technology and documents can be accessed anytime and anywhere by the user. also provides mobile apps so that the user can access flows, folders and documents not only from her PC, but also her mobile phone.

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